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The film that made Arnold Schwarzenegger famous, before Terminator, can be watched for free

The film that made Arnold Schwarzenegger famous, before Terminator, can be watched for free

The film that made Arnold Schwarzenegger famous, before Terminator, can be watched for free

Before Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger It was Conan the Barbarian

Considered today, and for a long time, a great star of action movies (especially in the nineties), Arnold Schwarzenegger He didn’t need many roles before he was revealed. After a handful of appearances in the 1970s, the actor saw his fame explode in the 1980s thanks to two of his most notable roles. Of course there was Terminator (1984)a character we usually think of first when we mention Arnold Schwarzenegger. But shortly before, the actor had starred Conan the Barbarian (1982) in the feature film of the same name.

Loosely based on the writings of Robert E. Howard set in the Hyborian Age, the film Conan the Barbariandirected by John Milius, offers a dive into the a fantastic universe where demons, wizards and muscled fighters mingle. Conan belongs to the latter category. After seeing his parents massacred by Thulsa Doom and his army as a child, he is captured and enslaved. Growing up, he becomes a true brute capable of facing anyone. He will finally be able to free himself and thus be able to Attempted Revenge on Thulsa Doom (James Earl Jones).

Arnold Schwarzenegger Conan the Barbarian
Arnold Schwarzenegger – Conan the Barbarian ©Universal Pictures

Produced by the famous Dino De Laurentiisthe film was not particularly well received by the press upon its release. After all, the public was there to discover it in theaters. Then to watch it again and again thanks to video releases. This is what allowed Conan the Barbarian to acquire cult film statusand thus launch the career of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

A film to be seen again without hesitation and for free

It’s been 42 years since the release of Conan the Barbarianand now the movie is available for free on the site French television (until October 1st). The opportunity to (re)see this feature film whose influence on the fantasy genre has been undeniable. Of course, visually, Conan the Barbarian it’s far from what is done today, and the kitsch of the time is obvious. But it’s still interesting to see John Milius’ original proposal, while Arnold Schwarzenegger’s physical strength remains impressive as ever. Moreover, for this role, the actor was entitled to intensive training and found himself in complicated situations during filmingfacing wild dogs or having to bite a dead vulture.

Finally the topics covered Conan the Barbarian continue to fascinate. Whether it’s revenge and personal justiceat the heart of the film, but also the question of resilience and the search for freedom. Conan must free himself from his chains to take control of his destiny. Finally, the relationship between the common people and an absolute power, between the denounced barbarism and the equally brutal civilization, makes the feature film universal and always current.

Also, in addition to a lighter sequel with Conan the Destroyer (1984) and a remake with Jason Momoa (2011), the memory of Conan the Barbarian recently reappeared with The Norman (2022). Although Robert Eggers’ film highlights Viking mythology, drawing inspiration from Nordic sagas, its hero’s journey and the themes it deals with are very reminiscent of the adventures of Conan.

Source: Cine Serie

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