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5 Movies Based on Comic Books (Comics)

5 Movies Based on Comic Books (Comics)

Cinema often uses multiple works to tell stories. Literature, video games, comics and even music have given birth to several films over time. In addition to them, newspaper strips have also served as the basis for film adaptations.

For those who don’t know, newspaper strips, or strips, are short comic strip sequences that are regularly published in newspapers. Usually consisting of one to three scenes, the strips feature fast-paced humor, social commentary, and surprising characters.

Taking this as a starting point, we decided to list 5 movies based on comic books.

Films based on comic books

The Peanuts Movie (2015) / Credits: 20th Century Fox (disclosure)

This computer animation is based on the popular and influential comic strip “Peanuts”, created and illustrated by Charles M. Schulz. The animation is produced by Blue Sky Studios (of the “Ice Age” and “Rio” franchises).

In the story, Snoopy the dog lives an imaginary adventure as a World War I pilot facing the Red Baron. Meanwhile, his unfortunate owner tries to win over a new girl.

Marmaduke (2010) / Credits: 20th Century Fox (advertising)

Based on the newspaper comic strip of the same name, created and illustrated by Brad Anderson, “Marmaduke: He Chegou Pulling Wave” is a comedy with talking animals.

The film stars the rambunctious Great Dane Marmaduke, who moves with his human family from a rural Kansas town to vibrant Orange County, California.

In the original language, Owen Wilson voices Marmaduke. The human cast includes names such as Lee Pace, Judy Greer and William H. Macy. In 2022, “Marmaduke” received another adaptation, this time in a digitally animated feature film.

Garfield the Movie (2024) / Credits: Sony Pictures Releasing (disclosure)

A computer-animated film, “Garfield: Out of Home” is based on the famous comic book of the same name created by Jim Davis.

This is the third film adaptation of a comic strip featuring the lazy cat who loves lasagna. The others were live-action films in which Garfield was created with computer-generated imagery.

In the plot, Garfield the cat is reunited with his long-lost father, Vic. Vic is a stray cat who involves Garfield in a dangerous robbery.

Popeye (1980) / Credit: Buena Vista International (advertisement)

The famous sailor Popeye, accompanied by his beloved Olivia Palito and his rival Brutus, has his origins in the newspaper strip “Thimble Theatre”, created by cartoonist E.C. Segar.

After highly successful cartoon adaptations, Popeye received a live-action musical film in 1980, directed by acclaimed director Robert Altman.

Robin Williams plays Popeye, a one-eyed sailor who gains strength by eating spinach. Shelley Duvall plays Olívia Palito, while Paul L. Smith plays Brutus. In the story, Popeye is searching for his missing father and arrives in a port town, where he falls in love with Olívia Palito, who is already a suitor of Brutus.

Dick Tracy (1990) / Credits: Buena Vista Pictures Distribution (advertising

Featuring stylized imagery, the action crime film “Dick Tracy” is based on the classic comic book created by Chester Gould.

Warren Beatty directs the film and plays Detective Dick Tracy. The cast is full of stars, including names like Madonna and Al Pacino.

The plot follows Detective Dick Tracy (Beatty) in his fight against crime boss Big Boy Caprice (Pacino).

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