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What does it mean when cards are reversed in Tarot?

What does it mean when cards are reversed in Tarot?

What does it mean when cards are reversed in Tarot?

Understanding what reversed Tarot is, its origin and the different possible interpretations

Have you ever played Tarot and a card came up? devil inverted? Or the letter of Sun inverted, the card The world reversed or any gold arcane? If so, you may have wondered or even been concerned about the meaning of when a card is reversed in the Tarot.

In this article you will learn what reversed cards are Tarotits origin and the different possible interpretations.

What are Reversed Tarot?

As the name suggests, reversed cards are those that appear upside down during the game of Tarot.

reversed cards in the Tarot

They usually occur when the consultant chooses to shuffle the cards in the deck, which allows the cards to be mixed and one or more of them to come out reversed.

Nobody Tarot game onlinethis will not happen.

Origin of the inverted cards

The reversed card was an 18th century creation of one of the great fathers of Tarot, the Frenchman Etteilla. He became known for Tarot reading after changing the structure of the cards and adding some astrological and mystical attributes.

Etteilla also created the proposition of inversion, which ended up gaining much support from 19th century occultists. This was an important historical moment for Tarot, but it is not the only reference source for this practice.

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What do reversed Tarot cards mean?

There are many ways to interpret reversed cards in a Tarot game. However, this type of reading is not a consensus among all Tarot readers. Some use it in their interpretations, others, like me, do not.

If a card appears upside down, you can turn it over and continue reading. However, if you choose to interpret the card upside down, know that its meaning does not necessarily have a negative connotation. It all depends on the context of the reading.

In my opinion, it is not necessary to consider the position of the card, regardless of whether it is reversed or not. This is because an arcana can behave more at ease in one situation and less at ease in another.

The emperorfor example, since it represents power and hierarchy, in the emotional sphere it can indicate greater control and difficulty in expressing affection. In the material part it can mean implementing and maintaining what is built.

Therefore, the inversion would only complicate things further and, in my opinion, is not necessary. While the position of the card (emotional or financial area, for example), depending on the Tarot method used, already brings with it all the possible nuances that the inversion of the cards would seek.

Reversed or not, consider where the card is in the game

Each arcana has a different manifestation in each context. The most important thing, considering or not the reversed cards, is the position in which the card appears each reading method.

Going back to the Emperor example, I believe the true meaning of the card will depend on the position in which the card was drawn in a game of Tarot and Love.

In this Personare service, seven cards are drawn, arranged in a cross format. Depending on the position of the Emperor in your game, it can indicate different meanings and advice for your love life.

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You choose!

Reversed cards in the Tarot are an element that adds an extra layer of complexity to the reading. Its historical origin with Etteilla shows that this practice has deep roots.

However, the need and interpretation of reversed cards varies from tarot reader to tarot reader. While some see value in the reversal, others, like me, prefer to consider the context and position of the cards in the reading method, avoiding unnecessary complications.

Whatever your preference, the most important thing is that Tarot reading is an effective tool for obtaining tendencies and indications.

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Alexander Lepletier ([email protected])

– Alexsander Lepletier is a graduate in journalism and a human rights activist. He began his career as a fortune teller and tarot reader in Portugal. In Portugal, the International Cartomancy Meeting is held every year. He currently lives in the city of Rio de Janeiro where he teaches courses and online consultations.

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