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Here’s where it all starts: Where exactly is Paul’s (Avi Marciano) villa?

Here’s where it all starts: Where exactly is Paul’s (Avi Marciano) villa?

Our favorite heroes’ vacation turns into a nightmare, and here it all begins! While Rose (Vanessa DeMoy) thought she was going to have a quiet three weeks by the pool with her new suitor and daughter, things take a turn for the worse.

First, because Carla (Ariccia Lemer) kept throwing balls at Paul (Avy Marciano) to prove to her mom that she wasn’t as pretty as she seemed, but she wasn’t!

Far more troubling events ensued: Jasmine (Zoe Severin) found herself swimming in a pool of blood red, and Berenice (Berenice Tannenberg) made a gruesome discovery.

Indeed, she realized that their host had known Rose well before inviting her to the villa. On the contrary, he has even read the master director’s novels, because absolutely everyone owns them.

It’s scary when you know that everything that happened to them recently was taken straight from Rose’s fiction…

Is Paul trustworthy?

So can our heroes trust this stranger? It’s hard to know at this point! Especially since a new threat is lurking… One thing is certain that this summer arc will definitely change the orientation of the audience.

Since most of the intrigues are usually shot in the castle of Saint-Laurent-d’Aigues, the production chose to move the filming to a luxurious villa.

The house is located near Montpellier

But then, where is it actually located? According to our colleagues at Télé-Loisirs, Paul’s house is only 45 minutes from Montpellier. This is a property located in the heart of the Domaine de Verchant. A haven of peace for those who have already had the chance to stay there.

See you next Monday from 18:30 to discover where it all starts!

Source: Allocine

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