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Watch Dogs: Filming Begins for Video Game Adaptation Directed by Frenchman

Watch Dogs: Filming Begins for Video Game Adaptation Directed by Frenchman

Watch Dogs: Filming Begins for Video Game Adaptation Directed by Frenchman

watch dogs : an ambitious game adapted into a film

Developed by Ubisoft Studios, watch dogs was launched in 2014 on consoles and PC. The video game convinced with its gameplay and its open world, but also with its universe based on piracy. Despite technical problems at the time of launch, watch dogs broke Ubisoft’s sales records and helped launch a franchise, followed by two more games. The universe will continue to expand a live action film which is currently filming. Although a feature film project had already been mentioned in 2014, it took 10 years for production to actually begin, with a Frenchman at the helm!

It is indeed Matthew Turi who is responsible watch dogsThe latter made a name for himself with his first feature film, Hostile (2018), produced on a low budget, but supported by an effective concept. After that, his Meander (2021) he also had some qualities. And even though his last film Miners (2023) did not convince us much, we remain intrigued to see this video game and genre cinema enthusiast tackle a project of this kind. In any case, the director started shooting the movie sharing a photo on his social networks. An image that tells us nothing about the feature film, but that allows us to reassure ourselves about the progress of the project.

The story and casting of watch dogs

As a reminder, the game watch dogs centers on Aiden Pearce, a computer genius haunted by his past and seeking revenge. His goal is to destroy the corrupt system of Chicago, a city where surveillance cameras are omnipresent. We don’t know if the film will follow exactly the same story or if it will be a new story in the same universe. We do know that the actress Sophie Wilde will play the lead role. The cast also includes Tom Blyth.

Finally, another big project has been announced for Mathieu Turi as he will be involved in the adaptation of the video game A Plague Story: Innocencethis time in serial format.

Source: Cine Serie

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