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Police investigate dog deaths due to suspected poisoning in RS

Police investigate dog deaths due to suspected poisoning in RS

Three Dogs Found Dead With Signs of Poisoning in Vila Etelvina

The Civil Police is investigating the death of three dogs due to suspected poisoning that occurred on Friday morning (5) in Itaara. The animals were found lifeless in the courtyard of the owners’ residence, in Vila Etelvina. According to local residents, this is not the first case of poisoning recorded in the region. After registering the complaint, the authorities are carrying out investigations.

Nara Reis, a 45-year-old housewife, said her husband, João Francisco de Almeida, 55, found the first dead dog around 6 a.m. Three hours later, two more dogs were found dead in the same place. According to Nara, the animals showed signs of a whitish substance in their mouths, leading to suspicion of poisoning.

“We were very sad because we have always taken care of them. Finding them dead suddenly is not easy. We have five other dogs and we have decided to keep them confined in the yard for now, to avoid something similar happening,” laments the resident.

Nara also said he had recorded a police report so the police could investigate whether there had been an intentional poisoning crime. He said a neighbor’s dogs had also died in similar circumstances in the previous weeks.

Source: Terra

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