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8 movies to see in theaters with kids in July 2024: Despicable Me 4, Garfield…

8 movies to see in theaters with kids in July 2024: Despicable Me 4, Garfield…

Do you want a family movie? Here are the must-see feature films in theaters coming out in July. Movies are categorized by release date and age to help you find your way around.

And for movies coming out in June, it’s here!

Zak & Wowo, legend of Lendarys – from 6 years

Zak & Wowo, Legend of Lendarys

Released on July 3rd – Immerse yourself in the extraordinary adventure of three teenagers and their funny side!

In a world of green landscapes, the appearance of terrible creatures forces all residents to take refuge in a fortified city. Only the brave twins Zack and Kyle remained outside. But Kyle suddenly disappears without a trace. His brother Zack goes in search of him and along the way meets Vovo, a hairy pachyderm, and Indiana, a mysterious outlaw. Together they embark on an extraordinary adventure to save the beautiful world around them.

Directed by Philippe Duchesne and Jean-Baptiste Couvelier, Zak & Wowo, The Legend of Lendarys deals with themes of brotherhood, friendship and first love, enough to delight children and adults alike.

In terms of vocal casting, Manu Payet, Clara Luciani, Jerome Niel and Kian Khojandi lend their voices to the protagonist of this 3D film. This is the first film from the company Sirius Media, which already works on the series Junior and Zoé & Milo.

Pompo The Cinephile – from 8 years old

Pompo The Cinephile

Released on July 3rd – Japanese animation for young and old movie lovers.

Pompo The Cinephile is set in Nyaliwood, the film mecca, where Pompo is the queen of successful commercial films. The day he decides to create a more personal art film, he entrusts the production to his assistant Jean. Will he be the one who secretly dreamed about it?

Based on the manga created by Shogo Sugitani, the film is directed by Takayuki Hirao, who was notably an assistant to the huge Satoshi Kon on Millennium Actor.

In this way, the story takes us to the heart of creating a feature film with humor and kindness, raising the desire to create. Through the character of the clumsy and self-confident Gene, the audience will feel this creative fire that animates so many young people who need to be given a chance.

An inspiring film that can, why not, create appeals.

Blue Lock movie – Nagi episode – from 8 years

Blue Lockdown Movie – Nagi Episode

Released on July 3 – Captain Tsubasa of the new generation!

After the manga adaptations of The First Slam Dunk and HAIKYÛ!! Garbage War Here is the Blue Lock movie – an episode of Garbage set in the world of football.

Adapted from the successful manga by Kaneshiro Muneyuki and drawn by Nomura Yusuke. Episode Nagi Coming to cinemas during Euro 2024, the perfect opportunity for the public to (re)discover Blue Lock-style football through the eyes of two of its most iconic characters: Seishirô Nagi and Reo Mikage.

As different as they are, this duo of players will take you through a special program designed for soccer prodigies. the purpose Among the hundreds of participants, find the one who will bring glory to the Japanese national team at the next World Cup and become the “top scorer” on the planet.

Note that you don’t need to know the manga or series this spin-off is based off of to understand Blue Lockdown Movie – Nagi Episode.

Tree of stories – from 3 years

story tree

Released on July 10 – A program of 3 short animated films, ideal for the first cinema. With a total duration of 38 minutes, this film tells three short stories and tells the story of three characters who have different relationships with trees, but each of them learns in their own way that nature knows how to be generous if we know how to take care of it.

This ode to nature consists of the films: The Wood Thief by Rashin Kheirie (Iran), The Sweet Story by Mohammad-Reza Abed (Iran) and The Genius of the Apple Tree by Alla Vartanian (Russia).

The story tree allows little ones to understand the meaning of forests and trees.

Despicable Me 4 – 5 years and older

Despicable Me 4

Released on July 10 – Gru and his famous minions are back in cinema!

After 3 Despicable Me movies and two Minions spin-offs, Despicable Me 4 marks the return of grown-up Gru (we saw him as a teenager in Minions 2) after a 7-year absence. After adopting 3 girls, finding love and meeting Brother Dru, the world’s greatest villain must manage a kid who is determined not to make things easy for him because the kid has only one passion: to drive his father crazy. .

In this new adventure, Gru (still voiced by Gad Elmaleh) faces a new enemy: Maxime Le Mal (Alex Lutz), who, with the help of his lover, the fatal Valentina, forces his entire family and minions to escape. .

Directed by Chris Renaud – already working on the first two opuses – and Patrick Delage, this fourth film in the Mother saga also introduces a new group that kids should love: the Fantastic 5 version of the Minions!

Paddington – from 6 years


Released on July 24 – Ahead of Paddington’s release in Peru in 2025, StudioCanal will release the first two opuses in theaters this summer.

10 years ago, little Paddington Bear came to life on the big screen in front of Paul King’s camera. Born in 1958 under the pen of Michael Bond, the British icon has already had two cinematic adventures: Paddington was released in 2014 and its sequel in 2017.

While the third adventure titled Paddington in Peru is scheduled to hit our cinemas on February 5, 2025, StudioCanal is re-releasing the first two feature films in cinemas. Paddington, starring Nicole Kidman as the main antagonist, opens on July 24, while Paddington 2, starring Hugh Grant, hits theaters on August 7.

A perfect opportunity for children to rediscover these two funny, caring, tender and touching films on the big screen.

Paddington tells the story of a young Peruvian bear who has just arrived in London, looking for a home and a better life. He quickly realizes that the city of his dreams is not as welcoming as he thought. By chance, he meets the Brown family and slowly becomes a full-fledged member of it.

Goodbye Monster – from 6 years old

hello monster

Released on July 24th – Chinese animated film Kung Fu through the eyes of a panda from DreamWorks studio.

In Goodbye Monster, the world of Kunlun, made up of thousands of islands, is threatened by evil forces. Bai Ze, a great healer, endangers his island in his desire to protect it and finds himself persecuted by his masters. Seven years later, he returns to redeem himself.

With its funny personified animals, this action-adventure film will delight audiences from 6 years old and young.

Garfield: a hero in spite of himself – from 4 years old


Released on July 30 – Hide the lasagna! The laziest and greediest cat is back in cinema! 19 years after Garfield, the 2007 film and its sequel, Garfield 2, which mixed animation and live action, the red cat returns to the cinema in a 100% animated film.

Directed by Mark Dindall, director of Chicken Little and Kuzco, the Megalomaniac Emperor, the feature film goes back to when Garfield and Johnny met when the cat was still a kitten. If Odie the dog is clearly there, Garfield: Hero in Spite will allow us to discover the hero’s father! Garfield discovers his missing father, Vic, a badly brushed street cat who leads him into a heist that’s as risky as it is funny.

A movie that will entertain kids and cat lovers.

Source: Allocine

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