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Un Si Grand Soleil Preview: Episode Summary for Monday, July 8, 2024 [SPOILERS]

Un Si Grand Soleil Preview: Episode Summary for Monday, July 8, 2024 [SPOILERS]

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of Un Si Grand Soleil that airs Monday night on France 2! If you don’t want to understand anything, don’t read the following!

Monday July 8th at Un si grand soleil…

The police arrested Jonathan Lebel

In the morning, Claire is on the phone with Kira. In fact, the latter was going to come and spend a few days in Montpellier after finishing his baccalaureate exams. If this news pleases Floran, the latter also notices that this union has finally put a smile on her partner’s face. A dig that Claire doesn’t like at all and causes an argument.

Florenti then goes to the police station and explains to Commissioner Becker that he wants to stop Stefani’s mission. Indeed, Noura’s mother is afraid that Jonathan Lebel will discover the truth and attack her. Since this is the only way to uncover the drug ring, Commissioner Becker asks Florent to convince him to continue.

Back at the office, Florenti confides in Johanna that he can’t reassure his client, who wants to stop playing pranks on the police. When his colleague informs him that this is the only solution for him to get leniency from the court, Florent loses his temper. Needless to say, the lawyer is worried about Stephanie and fears that something will happen to her.

Meanwhile, Jonathan Lebel stops by Stefanie’s shop and informs her that he has found someone to maintain the transport in Andorra. When he calls her, Stephanie takes the opportunity to pull out her phone to record his conversation. Unfortunately, Jonathan notices this and quickly realizes that Noura’s mother is cooperating with the police. angrily punches him in the face. At the same time, Elise and Alex, who were hiding a few steps away, quickly intervened and then arrested Jonathan.

Boris falls in love with Muriel

Boris and Charles are walking in the park. An opportunity for Laumiere’s son to question his friend Muriel about her personal life. If Boris already imagines that the Muriel-Elliot couple will not last, Charles assures that everything is going very well between them and advises him to move on.

Later, Muriel, Boris, Berthier and Elisabeth gather. After taking some time to reflect, the businessman agrees to commission a study from a consulting firm to understand the decline in sales among their high-end clients. Therefore, he instructs Muriel and Boris to take care of the tender to select the appropriate firm.

In the afternoon, Boris invites Muriel out for a drink to thank her for her help and support. Since she has to go to Eliot’s viewing room this evening, the young woman suggests that we postpone it until next time.

Muriel then joins Elliot and talks to him enthusiastically about his new job. Eva’s son, happy for her, tries to find out if she sympathized with her colleagues. Slightly uncomfortable, Muriel makes him believe that she doesn’t have time for that, then says that she can’t wait to get out of the prison to find him.

Later in the day, Jules is playing sports with Lorin when he gets a text from Muriel congratulating him on his job. Seeing the smile on her lips, Lauryn imagines that her brother got a message from his new girlfriend. Even if he replies that they are not together, he understands that she loved him. Which he totally denies.

Natalie is in red

Natalie has exceeded her overdraft limit. It must be said that the latter has been playing a lot in the casino lately. When Berthier offers to borrow money to cover the expenses, he accepts without hesitation. In turn, the accountant is particularly concerned.

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