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Horizon with Kevin Costner: 4 movies planned in theaters!  when will they come out

Horizon with Kevin Costner: 4 movies planned in theaters! when will they come out

On July 3, Kevin Costner announced the production of his latest film: Horizon. The actor and filmmaker has been working on this project for a long time, he wants to shoot 4 episodes for the big screen.

When are the sequels coming out?

After the release of the first opus on July 3, the second will be released in theaters on September 11. As for episode 3, it is currently being filmed and has no release date yet. As for Horizon 4, nothing has been decided at this point, Kevin Costner has yet to raise the necessary funds for this sequel.

Will the filmmaker manage to put his epic mural in the can? At the moment, its release in the US is not good; The film only made $11 million in its first weekend of release. With budgets of $100 million for the first two feature films, industrial disaster is on the horizon.

A grand epic

As a reminder, Horizon tells the story of the American West for 15 years, before and after the Civil War. Westward expansion is fraught with challenges: the natural elements, interactions with the indigenous people who inhabited these lands, and the ruthless determination of those who sought to colonize them.

“I knew there would be four movies. This story didn’t end after the first part. These people are just starting the journey, which is difficult and they’re just learning. Some are lucky in the West. will go.Kevin Costner told us when he arrived at Cannes last May.

To play the characters of his western saga, Kevin Costner invited a high-class actor: Jena Malone (Hunger Games), Sienna Miller (American Sniper), Abby Lee, (Mad Mad: Fury Road) Sam Worthington (Avatar) Tom Payne. (The Walking Dead), Luke Wilson (Thenenbaum Family), Isabelle Furhman (Esther), Owen Crow Shoe (Tin Star), Michael Rooker (The Walking Dead) and Jamie Campbell Bower (Stranger Things).

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