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This star was one of the first Marvel heroes: when will we see him again in the cinema?

This star was one of the first Marvel heroes: when will we see him again in the cinema?

He was seen briefly in the opening sequence of JJ Abrams’ Star Trek. But in 2011, thanks to Thor, Chris Hemsworth became known to the general public. Thirteen years later, the actor played the ruler of Asgard in nine Marvel movies without taking a few steps.

In other sagas (Men in Black International, Snow White and the Huntsman, Ghosts, Furiosa…) and with acclaimed directors such as Michael Mann (Hacker) or Ron Howard. who offered him the role of F1 driver James Hunt in Rush, which was about his legendary rivalry with Niki Lauda (Daniel Bruhl).

For many, this is one of his best films. And Arte lets you find out exactly when it re-airs this Sunday, July 7. But it’s also an opportunity to preview his upcoming feature films. A list from which we voluntarily exclude Tyler Rake 3, which is not yet officially released.

And it’s known that he’s not attached to any Marvel projects, despite rumors of a Thor 5.

Transformers: The Beginning

It’s not the equivalent of X-Men: Beginning between the Autobots and the Decepticons, even if we’re dealing with a prequel. Animated, the story traces back to the origins of the Transformers before Michael Bay pitted them against flesh-and-blood actors in 2007.

For the first time since 1986, the saga will be revived, A “The story that has never been told before”We were told by the trailer, which reveals the unexpected visual style of Josh Cooley’s feature film (Toy Story 4), which gives the impression of seeing the toys in motion.

In our theaters on October 23, Transformers: The Beginning tells the story of how Optimus Prime and Megatron, on the planet Cybertron, went from brothers to sworn enemies, sparking an endless battle that will continue on Earth.

Chris Hemsworth voices Optimus Prime, Brian Tyree Henry plays Megatron, and Scarlett Johansson plays Elita. Thor’s interpreter may remain in this world, but in a different role: we’re actually talking about him for the crossover between Transformers and GI Joe, which was teased at the end of Rise of the Beasts last year. We imagine him in the shoes of a soldier.

Crime 101

If Transformers: The Beginning is almost finished (a working copy was presented at the recent Annecy festival), Crime 101 is still far from it, as it is only in pre-production. But it could be turning around soon to hit theaters in 2025, and it promises a lot.

Inspired by Don Winslow’s novel of the same name, this thriller by Bart Leighton (the excellent and little-known American Animals) matches the heat as it follows an inspector who investigates the theft of jewels by Colombian cartels. and starts another way.

Chris Hemsworth would find Mark Ruffalo far from the Avengers universe, and Barry Keoghan would be there too. But no filming or release date yet.

Source: Allocine

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