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Key Alves Becomes Joke After Saying He Fired Bruno Mars

Key Alves Becomes Joke After Saying He Fired Bruno Mars

Internet users don’t believe the story told by the volleyball player in the program “Sabadou com Virginia”

Former BBB Key Alves has been making waves on social media in recent hours for declaring that she died during a meeting with Bruno Mars. During “Sabadou com Virginia”, broadcast Saturday night (7/6) on SBT, the volleyball player said that the singer’s manager had contacted her expressing interest in meeting her, but she was in Bauru and could not go to São Paulo.

Report Details

Key explained that she was surprised by Bruno Mars’ interest, but she didn’t go to the meeting because she didn’t want to spend money on a private plane. “It was a really crazy story. I was in the country, there was an exhibition of his here in Sao Paulo, and a friend of mine, very famous here in Brazil, called me [e fala]: ‘Key, where are you?’. I said “I’m in Bauru” and she [respondeu] “Bruno Mars’ manager called me and asked me who he was, showing me his Instagram,” Key Alves explained.

“I froze. I said, ‘I don’t believe it!’ I didn’t. How could I do it like that, out of nowhere? Just [avião] private and I would never spend it in a private one,” he said.

Regarding the possibility of the businessman chartering a jet, he said: “Even I wouldn’t have that courage. [de pedir]”.

Reaction from Internet users

Internet users did not believe Key Alves’ story and criticized her. “This is a disease,” one user commented on X/Twitter. Others suggested that the player was blatantly lying and making fun of the situation. “I still can’t believe she did this,” one Internet user said.

“She’s still the same as BBB, blatantly lying,” said another. The majority laughed, comparing the situation to other apparently invented stories about the athlete. Some even remembered the tattoo she had gotten in honor of Rodrigo Mussi, who was the victim of a serious accident while leaving “BBB 22.” After recovering, Rodrigo said: “I’ve only seen her once, I don’t know her very well.”

Source: Terra

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