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“A Very Pleasant Surprise”: Rated 4 out of 5, this is a must-see movie this week!

“A Very Pleasant Surprise”: Rated 4 out of 5, this is a must-see movie this week!

Director Jonathan Millet’s first feature Les Fantômes was screened at the opening of the 77th Cannes Film Festival’s Critics’ Week, where it captivated the public with its realism and intensity. In cinemas last Wednesday, this spy thriller directed by Adam Bessa has been very well received by the French press, with an average rating of 4 out of 5 (on AlloCiné, Friday, July 5 and 31 for media).

What is it about?

Hamid is a member of a secret organization that searches for Syrian war criminals hiding in Europe. His search leads him to Strasbourg on the trail of his former executioner.

Inspired by real events.

What does the press think?

According to Le Journal du Dimanche:

“A first feature film of astonishing skill, intelligence and sophistication.” By Stephanie Belpesh – 5/5

According to Le Point:

“With a perfect sense of dramatic structure, Jonathan Mille achieves a high level of suspense, while at the same time a melancholic and profound exploration of the toll that trauma leaves on a person. A Filmmaker Born is an absolute must-follow.” by Florence Columban – 5/5

According to CinemaTeaser:

“Mastering every moment for one of the most impressive first films to appear in a long time.” By Aurelien Allin – 4/5

According to the latest news from Alsace:

“This first film, powerful and uncompromising, is remarkable for its sensitive approach to the traumas of totalitarianism.” Natalie Chiflett – 4/5

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According to Le Monde:

“A man in the shadows, lonely and haunted, Hamid monopolizes the entire film, holding his breath, the noises he hears, the clues he finds, spreading a dull and growing ache for which he has a choice of direction. (tight frame, amplified and distorted sounds, sensory approach) does not allow us to escape”. By Veronique Kauhape – 4/5

According to Les Inrockuptibles:

“A brilliant and compassionate debut feature about a former Syrian war criminal tracking down one of his victims.” By Mod Tenda – 4/5

According to Cahiers du Cinéma:

This blistering skull (desire for justice, transferred violence, half-closed wounds: phantom pain, in short) without piercing the surface and without staying out: if it slightly disappears once the opponent at the end, this belief in the possibility of putting everything on the appearance of the face is a unique thread with which Les Fantômes maintains the tension. by Yal Sadat – 3/5

According to L’Obs:

“Everything helps to fully immerse the viewer in this terrifying quest. Tense, fluid, Ghosts is as fascinating as it is painful.” Author of Isabel Daneli – 4/5

Source: Allocine

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