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Posting a video badmouthing Boca Rosa is the trend of the moment

Posting a video badmouthing Boca Rosa is the trend of the moment

Countless influencers are exploiting flaws in former BBB’s new products to gain social media audiences

It’s impossible to spend 5 minutes on TikTok without seeing an ‘unboxing’ video posted by an influencer criticizing the cosmetics launched by Bianca Andrade, Boca Rosa.

They speak badly of the simple cardboard packaging, the functionality of the basic sticks and the quality of the products. You could say that the brand is going through an image crisis only a few days after having made a valuable viral marketing.

In June, the announcement of the line with 50 shades of foundation caused a stir on social media. Finally, there would be colors to accommodate the diversity of brown and black skin that make up the Brazilian racial mix.

Bosa Rosa was called a revolutionary and received praise from her rivals. The white entrepreneur became an idol for dark-skinned women, who were ignored by most beauty brands in the country.

Now, as almost always happens to those who reach the top, she experiences a sharp fall driven by the Internet court. A setback compared to that of the Virginia Fonseca base massacred at the beginning of the year.

In some cases there is opportunism and obvious support from some influencers for whom the product received is defective and, therefore, the video has a greater chance of engagement.

Any manufacturing defects must be corrected and dissatisfied consumers are entitled to compensation. Bianca Andrade will have to take a stand to defend her legacy in the sea of ​​web vanity. Just as she overcame the cancellation of “BBB20”, the entrepreneur will have to further reverse this adversity.

Source: Terra

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