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Orient Express: A bar full of stories inspired by train travel

Orient Express: A bar full of stories inspired by train travel

Orient Express: A bar full of stories inspired by train travel

Rodolfo Fontana’s debut space at CASACOR Paraná, Bar do Viajante, features custom pieces and a palette reminiscent of moving landscapes.

In his debut at CASACOR Paraná, Rudolph Fontana marked a challenging environment. Faced with limited footage and a narrow layout, the architect found a creative solution: take inspiration from a train barrier! Or “Traveler’s Bar” features carefully selected objects to represent travel around the world.

From Custom carpet from India Until marabou pillowsincluding Scotch whiskies and artwork from various locations, each piece tells a story and helps create a welcoming and sophisticated atmosphere.


Inspired by classic train journeys, such as the legendary Orient Expressrunning from Paris to Istanbul, the British Pullman in Britain, the Royal Scotsman in Scotland, the Hiram Bingham in Peru, the Rovos Rail in South Africa and the Maharajas Express in India, Fontana succeeded in bringing a aesthetics that mixes the old with the new.


The atmosphere of the bar evokes the nostalgia of those travels, while maintaining a contemporary atmosphere that invites the creation of new memories.

“This space is a place for remembering and planning new trips, ideal for enjoying a drink alone, as a couple or with friends, and for telling stories about your travels around the world. Each piece of furniture and object has been carefully selected to bring the air of home, creating a welcoming environment”, underlines the professional.


The color palette, with shades of red, pink, marsala and lilacrecreates landscapes of mountains and prairies seen from trains on their journey, the highlight is the wallpaper, which alludes to the point of view of a person on a moving train. The mix of fabrics and textures, together with noble materials such as dyed brass, marble, wood and mirrors, are the protagonists, giving a subtle and timeless elegance.


The furniture, mostly designed by Jader Almeida, includes Indian straw chairsthe London bar and the coffee table, both reinterpretations of the Art Deco style. Among the works of art, renowned modern Brazilian artists such as Di Cavalcanti, Francisco Rebolo and Stockinger stand out.

A fortified wine belonging to Barão do Serro Azul, Fontana’s great-great-grandfather, which is part of the architect’s family collection and gives a personal and historical touch.


“Good architecture must always respect the history and situation of its clients, without imposing passing fashions. We at CASACOR have created precisely this synthesis. The traveler’s bar is a collection of memories of this ‘jet setter’, who lives here and there here, bringing memories of these moments from all over the world to your home”, Rodolfo emphasizes.

It therefore invites us to embark on a journey through time and space, in an environment that celebrates life, memory and elegance in a timeless way.

Source: Terra

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