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This Scene Makes No Sense: Did you notice this inconsistency in the Jurassic Park sequel?

This Scene Makes No Sense: Did you notice this inconsistency in the Jurassic Park sequel?

If you think it’s incredible that the same amount of money is spent on promoting movies these days as they do on making them, you’ll be surprised to learn that in 1997, the marketing department for Lost World, the Jurassic Park saga, spent $250. million on merchandise, dolls, video games, and comics – while the movie only cost $73 million! Fortunately, all this made it possible to raise more than 600 million dollars: Phew, save!

But it seems that the film in question should not even exist: Michael Crichton had absolutely no plans to write a sequel to the first Jurassic Park, and it was not until the success of the 1993 film that he dared to write a sequel. At the time, the contract stipulated that Steven Spielberg could direct the sequel only if Crichton decided to continue the saga.

A question that remains unanswered

So the screenwriter wrote the second part, which, however, contains a strange plot gap that still leaves fans confused decades later. Indeed, at the end of the film, a ghost ship arrives in port, crashing into the harbor with a caged T-Rex inside and presumably all the crew dead. But how did they die if the T-Rex was trapped?

The answer must be in early drafts of the story, with the most popular fan theory being that the ship was supposed to be full of velociraptors that would kill everyone. However, at some point it was decided to put these dinosaurs aside, but somehow keep the ghost ship. It doesn’t make much sense, but the arrival of the ship and the appearance of the T-Rex escaping from the cage and the boat is visually impressive, and perhaps that’s what matters in the end.

Rediscover the scene in question in the video below:

The Lost World: Jurassic Park is still available on Netflix and Prime Video.

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