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Does X-Men’s Cyclops only see the color red?

Does X-Men’s Cyclops only see the color red?

The X-Men, a team of mutant superheroes, are known for their special abilities that range from telepathy to weather control. However, one of the most unique members is Cyclops, whose mutant power generates beams of optical energy from his eyes. This ability, essentially a red laser beam, is not only a powerful weapon but also a curse on your daily life.

Scott Summers’ alter ego Cyclops faces the unique challenge of only being able to see the world through special lenses. These glasses, or visors, are designed to channel and control his optic beams, as without them he cannot open his eyes without wreaking havoc on his surroundings. But does this mean Cyclops only sees the color red?

To understand how Cyclops’ vision works, we need to delve into his origins. In this text, we will focus on the information available in comics published over the decades and what they say about one of the most iconic and complex members of the X-Men.

Does Cyclops only see the color red?

Does X-Men's Cyclops only see red?

Scott Summers was born with a mutant gene that gives him the ability to emit beams of optical energy through his eyes. This power, while extremely powerful, is also a burden, as Scott cannot control his gaze without the use of a special device, usually visors or goggles. Without these visors, your eyes emit a constant beam of optical energy, which is destructive and potentially deadly to anything in its path.

In the classic X-Men comics, Cyclops’ relationship with his goggles is explored in a number of ways. He constantly deals with the anxiety of possessing such a dangerous and destructive power, which often leads to him being portrayed as a troubled and secretive leader. His inability to control his power without his goggles is a constant source of tension and drama in the stories, especially when the devices are damaged or lost in battle.

The Logic of Ruby Quartz

Technically, Cyclops’ optic blasts aren’t exactly thermal or laser energy beams, but rather pure concussive force, a form of kinetic energy that can knock down or destroy objects on impact. The source of the blasts’ energy has a few explanations in the comics. One popular theory is that Scott’s eyes are portals to an alternate dimension filled with energy, which he releases when he opens his eyes. Another theory suggests that his body metabolizes solar energy and converts it into optic blasts. Scott has no conscious control over his blasts, they just go off whenever he opens his eyes. A brain injury he suffered in childhood has also contributed to his inability to control his temper tantrums.

In the comics, Cyclops’ visors are made of ruby ​​quartz for a specific reason: this material is able to contain and control the beams of optical energy that he involuntarily emits. The ruby ​​quartz acts as a filter, allowing Scott to see the world around him without destroying everything with his gaze. This is a technical and narrative solution used by the creators to balance his formidable power with a crucial limitation that leaves him vulnerable and dependent on his devices to interact normally with the world.

Ruby quartz is a material that absorbs and reflects the energy of explosions, and glass is the only known material capable of containing these explosions without being destroyed. When Scott wears his glasses, the lenses prevent the energy from escaping, allowing him to keep his eyes open and see normally. The lenses act as a valve, preventing the energy from being released uncontrollably, allowing Scott to open his eyes without releasing his blasts.

In addition to his goggles, Cyclops wears a ruby ​​quartz visor during battle. The visor features a mechanism that he can adjust to open or close the lenses, allowing him to control the intensity and direction of his optic beams with greater precision during combat. In short, the ruby ​​quartz goggles allow Scott Summers, the Cyclops, to see normally and control his powerful optic beams, which would otherwise be released uncontrollably.

Explanations from the comics

In “X-Men: Origins,” Cyclops’ history is explored in more depth. Here, we learn that Scott began to manifest his mutant powers as a teenager, and the first time he unleashed an energy blast was accidental and devastating, causing severe damage and scarring him. Shortly after this incident, he was found by Professor Charles Xavier, who took him to the Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters.

It was at the institute that Scott received his ruby ​​quartz glasses, designed by Hank McCoy (Beast), to help him control his optic beams and prevent accidental damage. Thus, in both series, Cyclops’ glasses are essential to allowing him to control his mutant abilities and lead a relatively normal life.

In “New X-Men #131”, there is a passage that mentions that Cyclops sees red when his optic beams are active and, interestingly, sees yellow when he wears his ruby ​​quartz glasses. This description may be a specific interpretation or adaptation by the author or artist for that arc or issue. When Cyclops is not wearing his glasses, his optic beams are visible as a bright red beam. During these times, his vision would be extremely limited, as he would be constantly releasing energy and would not be able to keep his eyes open normally without causing destruction.

Traditionally, it is accepted that Cyclops sees in shades of red through his ruby ​​quartz lenses due to the color of the lenses. However, in “New X-Men #131,” the interpretation that he sees in yellow could be a specific artistic or narrative choice. It is conceivable that the ruby ​​quartz lenses, rather than simply filtering out red light, could be adjusted in such a way as to alter Scott’s color perception, causing him to see in shades of yellow to reduce eye strain or for another contextual reason in the story.

This difference can be attributed to variations in comic book writing or art over the years, where different writers and artists may have slightly different approaches to depicting characters’ abilities and experiences.

In “Astonishing X-Men #14,” Cyclops is said to see colors, but they are tinged with red. This explanation offers a more detailed and complex look at how the ruby ​​quartz lens affects Scott Summers’ vision. Instead of seeing everything in a single shade of red, as described in some versions, he can distinguish multiple colors, but they all appear with a red tinge or tinge. This means that your color perception is altered, but not eliminated.

This interpretation makes more sense in the context of the comics, where Cyclops’ vision must be functional in order for him to function normally. The red spot is caused by the color of his ruby ​​quartz lenses, which alter the way light enters his eyes. So, even though he can see the color spectrum, red is always dominant, giving the impression that all other colors are stained or tinged with red.

However, due to the change of comic book authors and different explanations, there is still no definitive answer as to what color Scott sees, and we are not even mentioning movies, cartoons and games here, but there is agreement among fans that Cyclops sees everything in red. Maybe because this explanation generates a series of different memes on social media? Maybe. But no one can arrest us for this.

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