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He’s back in Beverly Hills Cop, but nobody knows that Eddie Murphy directed the movie himself…and it’s not a comedy at all!

He’s back in Beverly Hills Cop, but nobody knows that Eddie Murphy directed the movie himself…and it’s not a comedy at all!

Eddie Murphy is in the news for early July and what news! The American actor, who is rarely on screen, rediscovers his iconic character, Axel Foley, in the fourth adventure of the Beverly Hills Cop, which is a must-see on Netflix.

We take advantage of this throwback event to remind ourselves of thatEddie Murphy Once and only once he went behind the camera. It was the thriller Harlem Nights, a real curiosity that was released in theaters in 1990. An important film for the Hollywood star because, in addition to directing it, he wrote the screenplay and plays the lead role!

Harlem Nights tells the story of Quick (Eddie Murphy), a young orphan who saves gambling house owner Ray Sugar (Richard Pryor), to thank him, the man decides to adopt the child. Twenty years later, this fun-loving family is at the helm of a famous Harlem club, a nightclub where everyone has fun, but which also attracts the worst kind of gangsters, like Bugsy Calhoun (Michael Lerner), who threatens the club. Which is not to the taste of Quick, who has his own methods to repel this type of attacker…

to begin withEddie Murphy As a director, audiences have undoubtedly come to expect pure comedy, with the star having recently achieved major success with 48 Hours, Beverly Hills Cop and A Prince in New York. But surprise: humor of course Harlem NightsBut the film is also, and above all, a gangster film set in the criminal underworld of the 1930s.

Eddie Murphy, aspiring director

Feature film with music by jazzman Herbie Hancock Harlem NightsWith a comfortable budget of 30 million dollars, it is distinguished by the quality of the reconstruction of that period. This work is not free from flaws, however, this work is quite elegant and suggests that he started out as a filmmaker, Eddie Murphy There was no easy way at all.

The film failed to make it to the box office with a worldwide gross of only $95 million Harlem Nights divided. Thus, crowned Worst Screenplay at the Razzie Awards, it was also nominated for an Oscar for its costumes! If you get your hands on this little-known feature film, you might as well give it a shot!

Brand new ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ trailer featuring Eddie Murphy back in his iconic role:

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