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Fashion Designer Caught Cuddling With Boyfriend In SP’s Most LGBT+ Area

Fashion Designer Caught Cuddling With Boyfriend In SP’s Most LGBT+ Area

Ronaldo Fraga and Rodrigo Januario show the importance of the freedom to express feelings in public without fear of homophobia

What’s the best Sunday morning program? Maybe it’s cuddling with your loved one over a coffee. That was the choice of stylist Ronaldo Fraga, a Brazilian fashion icon, and his boyfriend, dentist and photographer Rodrigo Januario.

A friend of the column caught the couple in an explicit display of affection in front of a bar on Rua Bela Cintra, near Avenida Paulista, one of the favorite areas of the city’s LGBTQIAP+ community.

Hugs, kisses, glances, smiles, legs intertwined… The discreet ones forgive us, but presumed passion has a special flavor. There was a time when it was imperative to hide “the love that dare not speak its name”, as the playwright Oscar Wilde quoted, using an extract from the poem ‘Two Loves’, written by the young man she loved, Alfred Douglas.

Today, even though homophobia still segregates, hurts and even kills, there is more freedom for those who decide to live their feelings openly. “We tidied up the houses, we exchanged gifts, we became two animals, crazy kisses, raucous kisses, sprinkled desires and very well killed, my companion of adventures, my love! It is wonderful to call you my boyfriend!”, Januario published on June 12.

The host of ‘Globo Repórter’, Sandra Annenberg, mother of a young LGBT woman, actress Elisa Annenberg-Paglia, commented on this statement. “I love this love.”

Who can resist a

The couple Rodrigo Januario and Ronaldo Fraga in a photo published last Valentine's Day

Source: Terra

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