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Which movie dethroned Vice-Versa 2 at the US box office?  We have the answer!

Which movie dethroned Vice-Versa 2 at the US box office? We have the answer!

In US box offices July 5-7, 2024

1 – Despicable Me 4: $75,000,000 (cumulative: $122,600,325)

2 – Reverse 2: $30,000,000 (Cumulative: $533,823,699)

3 – No Voice: Day 1: $21,001,000 (Cumulative: $94,356,771)

4 – MaXXXine: $6,705,038 (New)

5 – Bad Boys Go or Die: $6,550,000 (cumulative: $177,359,121)

6 – Horizon: An American Saga, Chapter 1: $5,480,000 (cumulative: $22,191,635)

7 – Voice of Hope: The Possum Trot Story: $3,219,811 (cumulative: $6,811,094)

8 – Kalki 2898 AD: $1,834,000 (cumulative: $7,309,000)

9 – Bikeriders: $1,300,000 (Cumulative: $19,336,395)

10 – Kindness: $860,000 (Cumulative: $3,833,371)

to remember

One animation success follows another! After the great start of Vice-Versa 2, it’s the turn of another major animation license to lead the US box office. Despicable Me 4 Wins $75,000,000 (and a cumulative total of $122,600,325). It’s better than Part 3, but less good than the other films in the saga.

Summary of Saga’s US launch:

1 – Despicable Me 2: $143.1 million (July 2013)

2 – The Minions: $115.7 million (July 2015)

3 – Minions 2: Once upon a time Gru: $107 million (July 2022)

4 – Despicable Me 4 : $75,000,000 (July 2024)

5 – Despicable Me 3: $72.4 million (July 2017)

6 – Despicable Me: $56.4 million (July 2010)

On the contrary 2, still solid

On the contrary 2 Now it has to deal with competition from Despicable Me 4. Accordingly, the Pixar film is No. 2 with an additional $30 million for a total of $533,823,699. For reference, Vice-Versa ended its career with a total of $858 million in the US.

Internationally, Vice-versa 2 lost just 31%, over $78.3 million, bringing its cumulative total to $683.1 million. Its worldwide total of $1.2 billion to date makes it the fifth highest-grossing animated film of all time.”, pointed out our colleagues at Boxoffice Pro.

No Sound: Day 1 Now it is 3rd and falling sharply. In step 4, something new: MaXXXine from Ti West, with $6,705,038.

Bad boys in 5th position

A new opus Bad Boys He goes down another step and is now 5th. It follows Ti West’s $6,550,000 ($177,359,121 total). At No. 6, things are tough for the first installment of Kevin Costner’s western saga, Horizon.

According to Variety, it will be very difficult for the actor-director to make a profit or even cover his expenses if the numbers don’t pick up. If a 3rd movie is currently in the works, the potential failure of the first episode could jeopardize the rest of the events, be it the theatrical release of Horizon 3 or the filming of Opus 4, as we mentioned a while ago.

On the new side, let’s celebrate the entry Voice of Hope: The Story of Possum Trot. The story of a Texas pastor and his wife who help foster children. This Joshua Weigel film does not yet have a release date in France.

Figures: Box-Office Mojo

Source: Allocine

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