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“He was brilliant!”  : George RR Martin 100% Confirms This New Dragon House Character Who Doesn’t Appear In The Books

“He was brilliant!” : George RR Martin 100% Confirms This New Dragon House Character Who Doesn’t Appear In The Books

You’ll fall in love with this cute little ball of fur seen in the episode that opens Season 2 of Dragon House. This dog, who is never named, lives with a vile cheese (Mark Stobart) hired by a demon (Matt Smith) to kill Emond and, unable to be found, takes refuge in the poor little Jehaers. During the episode, we see the poor creature take a nasty beating from its owner.

Suffice it to say, sympathy was at an all-time low when Cheese was later discovered high and briefly dangling in the streets of King’s Landing. But his little mischievous boy was still at his master’s feet, not an avenger.

George RR Martin is also a fan!

Initially, the dog is not included Fire and blood By George RR Martin. But this addition of series showrunner Ryan Condall did not please the author. Far from there! As he regularly does, Martin recorded some notes blog And I took the opportunity to review the first episodes of season 2.

I’m not at all a fan of screenwriters who add characters to the original material when adapting a story. Especially not when the base material is mine. But this dog was brilliant“, he writes. And he adds another dimension to the cheese with this short scene from episode 2 where the dog sees his master hanging:

I was ready to hate the cheese, but I hated it even more when that dog hit it. And later, when the dog was at his feet, looking up… it almost broke my heart. Such a small thing… such a small dog… but his presence, his few moments on screen, gave The Rat Catcher so much humanity. Humans are such complex creatures. This dog’s quiet presence reminded us that even the worst man, down and out, can love and be loved. I wish I had thought about that dog. I didn’t, but someone else did. I am happy.

We also had tears in our eyes

No animal abuse

And now we learn that this cute little dog’s name is Bobby, and that his life – before he was in front of the cameras – wasn’t always happy. And we can be sure of the fate of the animal on the set of the house of the dragon.

Mark Stobart took to Instagram to confirm that Bobby the dog – his real name – was not injured:

Check out this post on Instagram

A post shared by Mark Stobbart (@mdstobbart)

Let’s rest on the dog! We were the best friends in the world. Not a single dog was thrown in anger. But the rats…

Actor Sam C. Wilson, who plays Sergeant Blood in the episode, also wanted to reassure the public. “People were more worried about kicking a dog than beheading a child!– Wilson laughs Yahoo. But he notes that Bob “He didn’t even see his legs move” While filming.

And to add that Bob was “A cute little thingwho had an expensive van (home to his dogs) during filming.

dog’s life

But here’s another revelation about Bob. The little dog wasn’t always such a diva and really worked hard to get here. It turns out that before his acting career, the dog lived on the streets of Cyprus and suffered from malnutrition. He was rescued by a charity and soon adopted by Julie Totman, a Hollywood animal trainer known for rescuing Bobby’s likeness for movie roles.

And it seems his trained eye spotted a real little gem. Because Bob became a star. He brought her to audition for a role in a Disney movie and she got it. Yes, Bobby played Cruella De Villi, the Dalmatian Huntress played by Emma Stone, in Disney’s Cruella!

When Cruella was released, Julie Totman said in an interview MirrorUK That Emma Stone loved working with Bobby and even wrote him a thank you note! On the photo, which was shared by Julie Totman on her Instagram account, fans of Bobby are commenting and asking if he is the dog from the house of the dragon.

Check out this post on Instagram

A post shared by Julie (@julie_tottman)

And on X (formerly Twitter), fans of the series consider him a real actor and star. User X spoke “A story of love and wealth“Great way to describe Bob’s journey!

A true story of love and fortune

cultural icon!!!!!!!!

Give Bobby the dragon to avenge his master’s death!!!

Sir Bob! Treat it with the respect it deserves.

It’s definitely an exciting time for animal actors. Ahead of Bobby, who may have won a new fan base by being in the dragon’s house, we’re also thinking of Messi, the dog from Anatomy of the Fall. There’s also Frodo, the cat at ease: from Day 1, who fearlessly accompanies Lupita Nyong’o and Joseph Quinn on their journey through monster-filled New York…

Source: Allocine

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