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Iguinho and Lulinha reach 10 million streams with ‘Fora do Comum’

Iguinho and Lulinha reach 10 million streams with ‘Fora do Comum’

In recent weeks, social media has been dominated by the forró couple Iguinho and Lulinha. Entitled Out of the ordinarythe song is part of the EP Forrò continues and now it can be considered one of the greats shots From St. John 2024 Above 10 million streams across platforms.

The created dance has gone viral among Internet users and has already been posted by more than 200 thousand peopleeven from celebrities like Mari FernandezZé Vaqueiro, Priscila Senna, Mirela Janis, Slovenia, Beatriz Reis Brazil, Mileide Mihaile among many others.

With infectious rhythms and bubblegum lyrics, Out of the ordinary it is found at 10th place to the TOP 50 it’s at 24th position to the TikTok’s Viral 50. After completing the larger agenda of the Saint John this year, with 56 shows in the month of Junethe brothers now continue 43 presentations confirmed for Julytotal 99 shows during 61 consecutive days.

Record number of shows in 24 hours was also reached by Iguinho and Lulinha after the duo’s performance five presentations in one day.

After the explosion, the duo recorded a music video, live, during a packed show in the city of Serranha (BA). With the entire audience singing along to every line of the lyrics, the clip made its way to the artists’ channel on Youtube this week.

It is not news that their dedication and professionalism stand out in the period of June: in 2023, the inhabitants of Sergipe were also the owners of the largest agenda in São João, with 52 shows scheduled.

Currently, artists have more than 3.6 million followers, 4.8 million monthly listeners on Spotify and more than half a billion views on your channel Youtube.

A year ago, São João de Campina Grande generated R$ 500 million

A year ago, the event known as The largest San Giovanni in the worldheld in the city of Big FieldTO Paraibahe had 32 days of celebrationwith shows and cultural events. In all, 2.5 million people got through People’s Parkepicenter of the event, where they performed 98 attractionsonly in Main stage of the event, adding 230 hours of shows.

Great artists, such as: Xand Avião, Elba Ramalho, Flávio José, Solange Almeida, Alok, Mari Fernandez, Leo Santana, Simone Mendes, Less Is More, Alceu Valença AND Roberta Miranda; performed during the event, which was characterized not only by its grandeur, but also by its mix of rhythms.

During the 32 days of celebration, three pyrotechnic firework displays have been carried out, lasting five minutes each. The first one during the opening of the event; the second one on June 23, the eve of the Saint John; and the third during the closing. In addition, a drone show marked the end of the party, forming elements and words that represent the party Saint John of Campina Grandein sync with the music Look at the sky.

An important milestone left by this edition of the event was the recycle more than 57 tons of solid wastewhich were collected during the days of the festival, for a total of 13 tons moreue in the previous edition.

From R$ 500 million have been injected into the local and national economy, as well as generating 5 thousand direct and indirect jobsbeing 1 thousand just for the assembly of the structure and the others 4 thousand throughout the event.

Parárraiá, the ‘São João da Amazônia’ attracted 200 thousand people a night

One of the most famous cultural movements in Brazil is certainly the June Celebration. Traditional symbol of the fraternization of peoples, this event that attracts thousands of people every year also has its precious Amazonian version, the PararraiáKnown as the St. John of the Amazon.

The party, which took place in Bethlehem (PA) in a few days June 13th and 16th attracted at least 200 thousand people per night.

“São João has been mobilizing the Northeast for many years, being an important date for the region’s trade, similar to Christmas and Mother’s Day. We are sure that Parárraiá will be the first of many, attracting tourists from the Amazon and from all over the world. From Brazil to Belém, capital of the Amazon”the minister observed Celsus Sabinus.

Source: Terra

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