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Colorimetry demonstrates the efficacy of Gray Over peptide

Colorimetry demonstrates the efficacy of Gray Over peptide

Instrumental hair color assessment test using colorimetry indicates Gray Over’s effectiveness; HB Health & Beauty CEO talks about tests conducted on gray hair

A recent study evaluated the direct effect of the Grey Over peptide on hair pigmentation and correlated the duration of the effects with hair washing. The Gradual Color Lotion, launched by HB Health & Beauty, has as its active ingredient the Grey Over peptide, which reactivates the production of melanin by cells, repigmenting the hair from the root and contributing to the natural and gradual darkening of gray hair.

According to information released by HB Health & Beauty, the peptide was subjected to a series of tests, including the “Instrumental Hair Color Assessment Test by Colorimetry”, a quantitative analysis based on the comparison of the color of a solution with the color of others of known concentration, established as standards. The study evaluated the direct effect of Drone Grey Over on hair pigmentation and correlated the duration of the effects with hair washing.

According to tests carried out by laboratories accredited by Anvisa (National Agency for Health Surveillance), over 94% of people found that Gradual Color Lotion led to hair rejuvenation. In addition, approximately 85% of people said that their hair darkened and 85% of those interviewed said that there was a reduction in gray hair after using the product.

Fabiana Alves, CEO of the HB Health & Beauty brand, emphasizes that tests carried out on gray hair have revealed that the transition from white to black, after treatment with Drone Gray Over, has demonstrated the darkening of the strands with a clear reduction of gray hair, providing protection from depigmentation and reduction of gray strands of gray hair, in addition to maintaining the color.

“The hair color restoration offered through the use of Gradual Color lotion is gentle and promotes the color transition process,” he says. “There’s no visual shock when someone who’s known for their gray hair suddenly appears with dark hair,” the CEO explains.

Brazil is the second country that launches more products in the beauty sector and is in 4th place among the nations that consume more products in the segment in the world, according to data from a special McKinsey report released by Sebrae-RS (Brazilian Service for the Support of Micro and Small Enterprises in Rio Grande do Sul).

The article “Beauty Industry Trends in 2024” also draws attention to the fact that the sector could reach a turnover of 580 billion dollars (R$ 3,126.55 trillion) by 2027, as revealed by Abihpec (Brazilian Association of Personal Hygiene, Perfumery and Cosmetics Industry). In Brazil, sales of personal hygiene products and cosmetics could exceed R$ 130 billion in 2026.

Fabiana explains that colorimetry is important not only for the hair market, but is also widely used to discover the ideal personal color for each profile, as well as when the person wants to know which colors suit them best. And when changing hair color, it is no different.

“She [colorimetria] enhances individual natural beauty and this is directly reflected in one’s physiognomy and self-esteem,” she says.

For example, Fabiana says a HB Health & Beauty customer had very gray hair, and while using the darkening lotion, you could see, at each stage, not only the gradual change in color, but also how this change reflected in your overall appearance. “Her hair color was more in harmony with her skin tone and made her look younger,” she notes.

According to the CEO, by acting on melanin, in a natural way, the Drone Grey Over peptide causes up to 80% of white and grey hairs to return to their original colour, in addition to being able to be used on beard and pubic hair in a safe way.

“Having the ability to manage the desired color and, consequently, the longevity of your hair with quality and well-being is one of the greatest achievements of recent times for the cosmetology market”, concludes the CEO of HB Health & Beauty.

Source: Terra

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