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Family is everything: Jupiter panics when he receives bad news about Lupita and Guto

Family is everything: Jupiter panics when he receives bad news about Lupita and Guto

Jupiter (Thiago Martins) will face a complicated moment after suggesting a trip between Lupita (Daphne Bozaski) and Guto (Daniel Rangel). In the next chapters of Family is everythingthe two will suffer a bad car accident.

Frida’s heir (Arlete Salles) will warn Marieta (Cristina Pereira) who is really in love with the stranger and now wants to declare his love to him for girl. For this reason, he will take Leda’s (Grace Gianoukas) car and go in search of the couple.

As soon as you arrive on site, the handsome boy will be shocked to realize that something is wrong and that the worst could have happened. Hours after they were supposed to arrive, Jupiter will seek the help of the police to find out what happened.

Moments later, an officer calls VĂȘnus’s (Nathalia Dill) brother to clarify the situation and confirm that something very bad has happened. One of the cameras captured the moment the car lost control and overturned.

Family is everything: Lupita and Guto go through difficult times after a terrible accident

While the playboy desperately thinks about what to do to help him, Daphne Bozaski’s character will be the target of big trouble. They will receive “help” from a couple who pass by on the street and will even be robbed.

The criminals will tie Lupita and Guto to a tree after taking everything they had, including cell phones with all the bank details and documents.

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