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A more beautiful life: soon a new couple in Mistral?

A more beautiful life: soon a new couple in Mistral?

A new couple in Mistral soon? Good looking! Because if Pascal (Davy Sardou) continues to sequester Jennifer (Diane Dassinin) and isolate her from everyone, Zoë (Manon Chevalier) has just fallen in love for the first time. Feelings that are difficult to control.

Although viewers were convinced that she had set her sights on Jules (Valentine Duclos), that’s not the case! In fact, completely new extraction TF1’s reveal finally reveals the identity of his girlfriend, and it’s a complete surprise.

New couple in Plus belle la vie even plus belle?

Ariane’s biological daughter (Lola Marois) has actually fallen under the spell of Morgan (Judd Pradin). A love that seems impossible because the young woman has been in a relationship with Jules for several months.

But that doesn’t stop Zoe, and after noticeably helping her de-stress before the shooting test, she can’t take it anymore. So in the new images, which can be seen on the TF1+ website, we find Morgan calling out to a young girl on the street.

He would like to thank him for his help and support: “Honestly, I wanted to say that you impressed me yesterday, you’re a real trainer!” To which the young woman replies: “Thanks! See, I prefer that to Little Sister (…) It’s a little on the childish side, it annoys me!”

Zoey kisses Morgan

But Morgan immediately reassures him: “It wasn’t the idea, quite the contrary. Besides, to be honest, I’m very happy to meet you.” A statement that touches Zoe’s heart. Neither one nor two, then he decides to throw it into the water and kiss it.

For a few seconds the Brigadier even seemed to kiss her before he hurried away without a word. Was he disturbed by what had happened? The rest will be broadcast in the next episode of Plus belle la vie even plus belle from 13:50.

Source: Allocine

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