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An awesome trailer for Gladiator 2, which promises to be great!

An awesome trailer for Gladiator 2, which promises to be great!

An awesome trailer for Gladiator 2, which promises to be great!

Gladiator 2 : the trailer is here!

More than twenty years later Gladiator (2000), Ridley Scott returns to the arena. The director decided to give a sequel to his masterpiece, which saw General Maximus take revenge on Emperor Commodus. But this time, in Gladiator 2it is on Lucius, Lucilla’s son, that the story will focus. After being away from Rome for years, the latter learned to fight and participated in bloody battles. He will return as a gladiator to face new dangers.

In the casting of this new film we find Pin MescalPedro Pascal, Denzel WashingtonFred Hechinger and Joseph Quinn, while Connie Nielsen reprises her role as Lucilla. Before showing the images of Gladiator 2we were promised a great show. We were still waiting to see a trailer to be sure. This just dropped and the least we can say is this Ridley Scott will surprise us again.

A great show is coming

In fact, the director seems to have taken the basis of the first Gladiator pushing the spectacularity even further. Both in the Colosseum and outside. As we can see in the video (on the first page of the article)the arena will transform into a real swimming pool, forcing the gladiators to row a ship to face the dangers. Even the young Lucius will have to survive a rhinoceros, before facing Pedro Pascal. The latter appears as an esteemed Roman general who took part a huge battle. Here too Ridley Scott impresses by depicting warships attacking a fortified city, where Lucius is located.

Paul Mescal-Gladiator 2

On the side of history Gladiator 2it is still difficult to fully understand all the issues and relationships between the characters. However, Denzel Washington appears Macrinus, a real-life Roman emperor. In the film, he should take Lucius under his wing and help him take revenge on the general (Pedro Pascal), responsible for the death of his friend Arishen. Their fight could then allow Macrinus to work in parallel to destroy Rome. Finally, it should be noted that the general would have been under the command of Maximus, twenty years earlier…

Gladiator 2 will be released in theaters on November 13th.

Source: Cine Serie

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