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When Mad Max meets Fallout: This post-apocalyptic series is explosive… in every sense of the word!

When Mad Max meets Fallout: This post-apocalyptic series is explosive… in every sense of the word!

What is it about?

In a post-apocalyptic world, American society is divided between the haves and the have-nots. The former live in fortified cities except the latter, doomed to work and survival. John Doe, an outsider, ekes out a living as a transporter.

He is fearless, has a strong tongue and good steering. With the help of a dumb car thief, he embarks on a journey across the country to deliver a mysterious package. Along the way, this unlikely duo will encounter evil robbers, lawmen with dubious morals, a sociopathic clown, and many other deadly threats.

Based on the iconic video game

In 1995, video game enthusiasts discovered Twisted Metal on their Playstation console, in which they had to choose a car and face other competitors in a chosen arena using ballistic missiles. on the scale The ability of their character to realize their greatest dream.

Twisted Metal had many sequels until 2012 and became a profitable Playstation franchise. So it’s no surprise that the sector giant is using its Sony studios to produce spin-off TV series.

Split into 10 episodes out of just 30, this new post-apocalyptic production is like the games: it’s nasty, it’s violent, and it’s served up with a good dose of dark humor. Anyone who liked the atmosphere of Fallout, another SF series adapted from the successful video game saga, will find what they are looking for with Twisted Metal.

During their journey from West to East, the characters played by Anthony Mackie (Captain America) and Stephanie Beatriz (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) truly discover a wasteland where everyone rules themselves. And meet the most eccentric characters, like this crazy clown, a sweet tooth that players will definitely recognize.

Played by wrestler Joe Senoa and voiced by the brilliant Will Arnett, he’s as terrifying as he is… as fascinating. In terms of casting, Neve Campbell also stands out for playing a two-faced character. And this role suits him perfectly.

With Twisted Metal, expect lots of action, explosions in every direction, a few sparks of hemoglobin and a Mad Max-style chase through the desert, all highlighted by iconic titles (Aqua, Rage Against The Machine, DMX…).

The first two episodes are now available to discover on OCS.

Source: Allocine

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