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The classic western A Fistful of Dollars will get a remake

The classic western A Fistful of Dollars will get a remake

After celebrating 60 years since its release, the classic western film A Fistful of Dollars will be remade; Clint Eastwood’s participation has not been confirmed

The classic western For a bunch of dollarsoriginally protagonist Clint Eastwoodwill get its first remake. The new version is expected to hit theaters 60 years after the debut of the first, directed by Sergio Leone.

The remake will be developed by production company Euro Gang Entertainment, according to the website expiration. However, no details about the new version have been released yet. For a bunch of dollarsnot even the names of the screenwriter and director.

No information has been shared about the release date or cast. It is possible that Eastwood, one of the biggest stars of old Hollywood, will have a special appearance and be honored in some way. After all, the protagonist Joe, from For a bunch of dollarsbrought the actor worldwide fame.

Remake of A Fistful of Dollars

For those who don’t remember the story of For a bunch of dollarsOR classic of the Spaghetti Western genre tells the story of the arrival of the dangerous gunman Joe in the small town of San Miguel, near the border with the United States, where two rival gangs, the Rojos and the Baxters, clash.

After 60 years, the classic western film A Fistful of Dollars will get a remake (Image: Reproduction/Unidis/United Artists)

Originally released in Italy in 1964, the film starring Clint Eastwood was a fair amount of success, and the story gained new chapters with the derivative films: For a few dollars more AND Three Men in Conflict.

It is worth noting that, despite the different scenarios and numerous adaptations, the film is considered an unofficial remake of the Japanese classic. YojimboIn Akira Kurosawa.

Where to watch the first version?

If you feel like revisiting the classic 60’s western, For a bunch of dollars is available for rent at Amazon Prime Video.

So, check out the trailer for the first release:


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