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We saw this actor with a dreamy look in one of the best TV series of 2022: don’t miss him in cinemas this moving July holiday

We saw this actor with a dreamy look in one of the best TV series of 2022: don’t miss him in cinemas this moving July holiday

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After the death of his twin sister, Gaspard, a young music teacher, reunites with his five former best friends at an abandoned childhood college in mid-July. In this place full of memories and melancholy, friends gradually return to their childhood.

Mane, mane, mane

Unlike the film Supremes, which was also dedicated to them, the series The World of Tomorrow, one of the best of 2022, was not only about NTM. Of course, Joystar and Cool Shann were strong, as were Melvin Boomer and Anthony Bajon. But Andranik Mane was hard to miss. Because of his very large size and his dreamy and piercing gaze.

Qualities that allowed DJ Di Nast’s (who initiated the story) interpreter to transcend his character’s history. and other films in which he appeared. Like the case of the last premier, with Noah Abita. whom we meet in La Recréation de July, in a minor vocal role.

It is she, the deceased twin sister of Gaspard, whose writings the audience hears in voice. His brother is therefore played by Andranik Manet, whose gaze greatly contributes to the sadness and sweetness of this feature film about childhood and imagination, but also mourning, nostalgia, regret and resentment.

“Why do we wait until something goes wrong to find each other again?”asks her character when she’s just reunited with five of her former best friends at junior college, abandoned after the bell rang to start summer vacation.

The shadow of Copains d’abord and my best friends, other stories of friendship and death, hang over Pablo Cotten and Joseph Rose’s first film. Who knows how to be tinged with poetry, from this first image of fireworks, as these teenagers reconnect with the world of their childhood, without thinking about tomorrow or the real world, as in this scene where everyone lets go. “calm down, calm down” by Mika.

Except that some things cannot be taken lightly and they will create tension in the group where we recognize the faces of Alassane Diong (Tirailleurs, La Fièvre) or Alba Gaia Bellugi (Office of Legends). “We are nothing more than each other’s memories”We hear it in the hardest sequence where each and everyone projects their own experiences with loved ones.

Free from flaws, La Récréation de Juillet hits the mark. In his emotions and casting, Andranik Manet played the main role, hoping that this main role will bring others to the actor who was part of the announcement of the 2019 César, including with Karim Lecluse, to whom he responds in Very Beautiful. The melodrama Le Roman de Jim, which will be released in theaters on August 14. Even though it’s not in the trailer.

Then we’ll find him on October 16 in Gilles Lelouch’s L’Amour ouf. For a smaller and darker role, but which confirms that we are now dealing with this actor and his worldview. So, start learning his name well before discovering the featurette, out on July 10, before you see it everywhere.

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