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“What if Netflix saved it by starting over?”: Stephen King unhappy with adaptation of one of his recent works

“What if Netflix saved it by starting over?”: Stephen King unhappy with adaptation of one of his recent works

The horror author is not happy with CBS’ adaptation of one of his novels.

The habit of using Twitter whenever something comes to mind is nothing new. Stephen King. The horror author has been using the social network for years whenever he wants to express his opinion on a series or a new film. In 2019, King used the app to ask for information Netflix to readjust Under the domeone of his most recent works.

The writer is not satisfied with the adaptation made by CBS in 2013. It debuted as a great summer hit eleven years ago, but the series lasted only three seasons and 39 episodes. The broadcaster decided to end its story in September 2015, canceling a possible fourth season and solving its puzzles at the end of the third season.

Stephen King didn’t like this, believing that the writers weren’t faithful to the book and told the story in their own way. Four years after the film was finished, the author took to Twitter to ask Netflix to revive the original story.

“What if Netflix brought Under The Dome back, starting from scratch and staying true to the book?” King wrote on his official X account. The streaming platform has not responded to the author to date, and no new adaptation of his novel is expected to arrive. This isn’t the first time he’s publicly shown his displeasure, as he previously expressed his dissatisfaction with…

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