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Warner House Fire in Rio Destroys Annabelle and Batmobile

Warner House Fire in Rio Destroys Annabelle and Batmobile

A fire destroyed the Warner Bros. House in Rio de Janeiro, consuming a film collection that included original items such as the Batmobile and the Annabelle doll.

A fire consumed Casa Warner and destroyed the entire exhibition collection, which brought together pieces from films and series beloved by the public. The 1,500-square-meter space was located in the parking lot of Shopping Nova América, in the North Zone of Rio de Janeiro, and housed everything from the iconic Batmobile to the mysterious Annabelle doll from horror films.

The fire brigade was called around 2:45 this Tuesday (9) and the fire was put out shortly before 5 in the morning. The management of Shopping Nova América reported that the fire did not cause any victims or injuries.

What Was at Warner House?

Warner Bros. Home, which opened on June 14 and will close in August, promised an immersion into the cinematic universe of Warner Bros.The exhibition brought together original objects used in the filming of films and series, as well as interactive sets that replicated the atmosphere of Hollywood classics.

Fans could explore the Batcave, where the artifacts of the Batmansuch as armor and vehicles, were displayed alongside the Dark Knight’s surveillance technologies. The iconic Batmobile from the 1960s series also completed the Batman space.

The entire collection on display at Casa Warner in Rio de Janeiro was destroyed in the fire (Image: Disclosure/Casa Warner)

Platform 9¾ transported visitors to the magical world of Hogwarts, with the Sorting Hat determining their houses and the Invisibility Cloak enchanting fans. Harry Potter.

One of the most important attractions of Warner House was Annabellethe famous doll from the series Evocation whose appearance on social media went viral memesThe original doll, used in the movies, was displayed in a glass case with the warning: “Do not open under any circumstances!”

In all the rooms, original costumes of Superman and memorabilia from classics like Scooby-Doo AND Looney Tunes completed the experience, which also included Friends AND The Big Bang Theory Take pictures.

Warner House had interactive stages and spaces for taking photos (Image: Disclosure/Warner House)

The fire left no injuries, but it burned down a valuable collection that included everything from movie memorabilia to modern interactive installations. Warner has not yet commented on the details of the damage, but the Warner Home page continues Instagram informs that “due to force majeure”, the exhibition has been cancelled and that all customers who have already purchased tickets will receive a full refund.

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