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10 Movies That Could Make Great Games

10 Movies That Could Make Great Games

The world of cinema and video games have always had a symbiotic relationship. Films inspire games, and games inspire films. However, not all adaptations are successful, as capturing the essence of a film in a game can be a colossal challenge.

Until recently, it was common to see several movies turned into games shortly after their theatrical release, but this practice has ended up decreasing over the years. With this in mind, we have selected ten movies that could make great games, offering players an immersive and exciting experience. Check out our list!

10 Movies That Could Make Great Games

1. Lethal weapon

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The “Lethal Weapon” film series is a classic of the action genre. Imagine a game where you can take on the roles of Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh, solving complex police cases while facing dangerous criminals. The game could combine elements of police investigation, third-person action, and a cooperative mode, where players must work together to solve cases. With a well-developed script and engaging dialogue, “Lethal Weapon” has the potential to become an engaging and entertaining game.


2. RoboCop

RoboCop (1987) / Credits: Orion Pictures (advertising)

“RoboCop” is a film that practically begs to be adapted into a stage play, and some attempts have been made, but the film’s potential has not been fully realized. The story of police officer Alex Murphy, transformed into a cyborg to fight crime in a futuristic Detroit, offers a rich setting for a first-person shooter. Players could explore the city, taking on gangs and corrupt corporations, while also upgrading their computer skills and weapons. A morality system could add another layer of depth, challenging players to make difficult choices between justice and revenge.

3. Mission Impossible

The “Mission: Impossible” franchise is synonymous with action and espionage. A game based on this series could offer a stealth and adrenaline-filled experience. With the protagonist Ethan Hunt, players could carry out infiltration missions, defuse bombs, hack security systems and participate in exciting chases, similar to those we have seen in series like Uncharted, but adapted to the scenario that the film would offer for the game.

4.John Wick

John Wick 4
Image: Photo by Murray Close/Lionsgate/Murray Close/Lionsgate – © 2022 Lionsgate

The “John Wick” series redefined the action genre with its combat scenes. A “John Wick” game could combine different gameplay styles, such as a third-person shooter, and a well-executed combat system, similar to what we have already seen with Sleeping Dogs. With a fluid and intuitive combat system, players could feel like the infamous assassin seeking revenge. Additionally, a deep story mode that explores the underground world of contract killers would add a rich narrative layer to the movie-inspired gaming experience.

5. Battle Royale

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“Battle Royale” is a movie that practically created its own subgenre. A game based on this concept could be a survival horror with battle royale elements, where players are dropped on an island and have to fight to the death. Adding a compelling storyline and characters with distinct motivations would make the game deeper than just fighting to the end. With limited resources and a hostile environment, the tension and suspense would be constant, keeping players on the edge of their seats.

6. I am legend

I Am Legend: Screenwriter Denies Covid-19 Conspiracy, Film Image: Olhar Digital/Editing
Image: Olhar Digital/Editing

“I Am Legend” is a post-apocalyptic film that masterfully combines horror and drama. A game based on this work could be an open-world survival horror, where players control the last man standing in a city infested by nocturnal creatures. The focus on survival, gathering resources, and building defenses during the day, combined with the tension of hiding from the creatures at night, would create an intense gameplay experience, and we could have something similar to what we experienced in The Last of Us franchise.

7. Good boys

“Goodfellas” is a classic mafia movie that could be translated into an excellent action strategy game. Players could take on the role of an up-and-coming mobster, running illegal operations, building alliances, and dealing with betrayal. The mix of resource management, action missions, and a complex narrative based on moral choices would make this game fascinating and engaging.

8. Princess Mononoke

The animated film “Princess Mononoke” is a masterpiece by Hayao Miyazaki, rich in mythology and environmental themes. A game based on this film could be an open-world action RPG, where players explore magical forests, battle mystical creatures, and make decisions that affect the balance between nature and humanity. It is worth mentioning that Ni no Kuni is a fantastic RPG that uses the classic stylized graphics of Studio Ghibli, and the Princess Mononoke game could have the same aesthetic and proposition.

9. Blade

“Blade” is a film that effectively blends action and horror, following the titular vampire hunter. A game based on “Blade” could be a hack and slash with RPG elements, where players take on hordes of vampires and other supernatural creatures. With special abilities and an arsenal of weapons at their disposal, players can customize their fighting style and explore a dark and dangerous world. Or the game could follow the same style as Imsomniac’s Spider-Man games, where we would have a more vigilant side to the hero.

10. Prometheus

Image: Prime Video/Disclosure

Ridley Scott’s “Prometheus” is a science fiction film that explores the origins of humanity and the mystery of the Engineers. A game based on this film could be a first-person survival horror game where players explore alien planets and face unknown dangers. The tense atmosphere and constant sense of danger, combined with puzzles and a deep narrative, would create a truly frightening and fascinating gaming experience.

Transitioning from movies to games is no easy task, but when done right, it can lead to memorable and exciting gaming experiences. The ten films listed here have rich stories, compelling characters, and immersive settings that could be explored in new ways in the gaming world. Whether it’s intense action, deep narratives, or immersive environments, each of these films has the potential to become a huge hit in the world of digital gaming.

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