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Scarlett Johansson + Channing Tatum: On the Moon The most famous conspiracy theory is about the comedy Moon.

Scarlett Johansson + Channing Tatum: On the Moon The most famous conspiracy theory is about the comedy Moon.

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Charged with rebuilding NASA’s public image, the bubbly Kelly Jones, a marketing expert, thwarts the already difficult task of mission director Cole Davis. When the White House deems the project too important to fail, Kelly Jones is entrusted with staging a fake moon landing as Plan B, and the countdown truly begins…

one or the other

To the Moon and Love, Simon director Greg Berlanti also helmed the CW’s DC series. In particular, the Flash and his alternate realities, which we find traces of in this romantic comedy of the late 60s.

Not because it contains fantasy or sci-fi elements, but because it goes back to a question that some are still asking themselves: What if man never walked on the moon? What if the images we know by heart were shot in Stanley Kubrick’s studio?

Without mentioning the director of 2001, which is only mentioned, this is one of the topics on the moon. which primarily focuses on how NASA enlists marketing expert Kelly Jones (Scarlett Johansson) to improve its image. And, by extension, help publicize the first manned flight to the moon.

Cursed technician in the field

“At that time, the country believed that everything was possible”– says Greg Berlanti in the press kit. “Two categories of people were needed to carry out the lunar landing project: brave and hard-working people who poured themselves heart and soul into the engineering of the project, and communication and marketing people like Kennedy who could sell the project. The general public, even before they knew if it was possible.”

Any resemblance to the world of cinema, where the release date is sometimes revealed before the scriptwriter is hired, is certainly not coincidental. But On the Moon doesn’t dwell too much on the meta aspect of its storyline, especially since The 7th Art plays an important role in the second half of its story: when the FBI orders a fake moon landing as Plan B. … and decides to broadcast this version live, voice of Neil Armstrong to keep in space.

By choosing this angle, the moon is far from the 2002 fake documentary (or mockumentary) Operation Moon, which very seriously raised, with supporting interviews, a conspiracy theory with the participation of Stanley Kubrick, which at the time was believed by 6% of the American population. … before explaining that it was a big joke.

After two decades, while fake news is legion in the post-truth era (in the United States and France, especially during election periods), returning to the subject could be risky. Even in the form of an old-fashioned comedy, where the animated exchanges between Scarlett Johansson and Channing Tatum lead to Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy sharing.

But it is precisely to recall, in a light way, some obvious facts about our time: “For me, the film is about the truth. About why it matters, today more than ever.”– Greg Berlanti tells us in an interview. “So we need to look at one of the first conspiracy theories, dig into it and not shy away from it.”

“While we have fun and it’s all fun, the central theme is the narrative arc of the main character, who is involved in a scam before realizing the importance of the truth. I hope we remember about it. ?

The film is about the truth. Why it matters, now more than ever

“I imagine people are coming away with preconceived notions, wondering if we’re giving too much fodder to the conspiracy theorist factory, or if we’re giving too much importance to what NASA was doing. And I hope it happens. Let them feel a sense of accomplishment when they see what we can do when we are united instead of fighting against each other.”

If it is done as elegantly as the song “fly me to the moon” By Count Basie and Frank Sinatra, which gives the film its title piece, it’s even better.

Comments collected by Emmanuel Ittier in Los Angeles on June 3, 2024

Source: Allocine

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