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Tonight on TV: No, Margot Robbie isn’t just a Barbie!  Proof with this interesting biography

Tonight on TV: No, Margot Robbie isn’t just a Barbie! Proof with this interesting biography

If Australian actress Margot Robbie is a big Hollywood star today, it’s thanks to her portrayal of Harley Quinn and Barbie. But let’s not forget the rest of his filmography, and especially the excellent biopic I, Tonya, which Arte has the very good idea to show this Wednesday night.

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I’m Tonya It goes back to the case that hit the headlines in the United States in 1994. The sports world is shocked when it learns that Nancy Kerrigan, a young figure skater with a bright future, has been brutally attacked. Even more shockingly, champion Tonya Harding and her cronies are suspected of planning and carrying out the attackā€¦

An uproarious, absurd, brutal, misguided comedy full of energy, I’m Tonya It is an incredible achievement. Funny yet thrilling, this atypical biopic with brilliant staging hits hard, very hard, and we can only marvel at the virtuosity of it all. When the script was sent to director Craig Gillespie, he was taken aback. “There was an absolute mastery of storytelling, a perfect balance between humor and emotion, and a fundamentally original dramaturgical construction that scared me and thrilled me at the same time.”he declares.

Four months on ice for Margot Robbie

“Tonia Harding has always been portrayed as a villain by the media, even though her journey is much more complicated and tragic.”continues the filmmaker. Without trying to minimize what happened to Nancy Kerrigan – which was horrible – I felt that Tonya’s story was much more complex and worth telling. I wanted to make him human and, if possible, empathize with him.

One of the big advantages I’m TonyaThis is clearly performance Margot RobbieA total stunner who trained for four months to figure skate to play Tonya Harding on screen. But it’s also impossible not to mention Allison Janney’s incredible performance as the athlete’s abusive mother, which earned her an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. I promise you won’t forget these scenes anytime soon…

Tonight at Arte at 20:55.

me tonia Not a film about skating, but about media according to Margot Robbie

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