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Taking care of every inch: how to furnish a studio

Taking care of every inch: how to furnish a studio

Taking care of every inch: how to furnish a studio

Fitting everything you need into a few square meters is not an easy task. However, even a small apartment can be transformed to make it look spacious, stylish and comfortable. With the help of an expert, we have collected the main tips for rationally organizing the space of a studio apartment.

The topics of this article are competent zoning, proven styles and optimal colors in the interior, non-standard storage techniques and common mistakes in organizing a compact living space.

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How to do zoning

This is what zoning in a studio apartment could look like

Furnishing a studio apartment is like playing Tetris: every inch and corner of the room must be carefully thought out. It is necessary to arrange a place for cooking and eating, a place for sleeping and relaxing, and a work area. When there is little space, ergonomics and zoning come to the fore.


Shelving. Even the most ordinary furniture can become an aesthetic and functional solution for zoning the space. For example, an open shelf will serve as a natural border between functional zones. Another advantage is an additional storage system that can accommodate books, flowers and other decorative elements.

Glass partitions. Install glass partitions instead of walls. On the one hand, there is a clear zoning, on the other hand, transparent structures maintain the visual unity of the space.


You can delimit functional areas using luminaires and lighting scenarios

Curtains. This is not only a means of privacy, but also an opportunity to make the room cozy. Separate the sleeping area from the general space with flowing or tactile fabrics.

Lighting. Another effective way to zone the space is to use different lighting scenarios. The combination of several lamps visually enlarges the space and highlights specific functional areas.

Renovating a small apartment: the most common mistakes

Construction of additional walls

They will not delimit, but will only close the space even more. To separate the zones according to different usage scenarios, it is quite reasonable to use design techniques.

Division by gender

Identifying each zone with different types of floor coverings, thresholds, etc. will only emphasize the modest dimensions of the area. To visually increase the space, it is better to use one coating. The maximum is to separate the kitchen area with tiles, it will be more practical.

Heterogeneity of styles

In a small space there is no room for experimentation; pretentious and heavy details will make the studio even more cramped. All zones should be combined with each other.

Bar counter

OftenIn the studios, bar counters are installed to separate the kitchen and living room space. This option takes up a lot of space and is not entirely convenient for eating. An alternative is transformable tables that fold easily and save space.

Styles and colors: choosing a finish

Not every interior style will suit the studio walls. Therefore, a combination of innovation and aesthetics is needed to transform a small space.

An example of the interior of a studio in a modern style

That’s why it would be an excellent choice modern style. There are no pretentious decorative elements, and the design is focused on practicality. The design uses neutral shades: beige, milky, coffee, gray, and accents are created with the help of decor. The laconicism of furniture is always compensated for by impeccable quality – from pleasant tactile surfaces to built-in lighting. Modern styles include several interior styles, each of which has its own characteristics.

Minimalist style does not imply Spartan conditions at all, but welcomes sober forms.

The absence of unnecessary details and visual noise makes minimalism the most suitable style for studios. It is enough to stick to a light color palette. Furniture is often matched to the walls to create a feeling of free space. Preference is given to hidden storage systems, smooth facades, laconic and simple forms.

Scandi style is characterized by light shades and natural materials.

Style scandi suitable for those who strive to live in harmony with themselves and the outside world. Thanks to restraint and a sense of lightness, the space becomes spacious and comfortable. Light shades, natural materials and functional furniture make the interior more impressive. A distinctive feature of the style is the abundance of warm decorations made of natural materials and fabrics. Add decorative pillows, throws and rugs to create a welcoming home environment.

The loft style, which never loses popularity, is also called industrial-urban.

For the stylistics attic characterized by “brutal” details: textures of concrete, stone, brick and even open utilitarian lines. Industrial elements should be balanced with furniture combining metal and wood.

How to visually increase space

Mirrors in a compact living space create the effect of increasing volume and lighting supports it

As in any other apartment, a studio cannot do without decoration. Accessories should be consistent with the general style of the space. There should not be many decorations; take into account the dimensions of the room. You can create the illusion of space using the formula “mirror + lamp”: light is reflected from the mirror surface and visually doubles the room. The same effect is achieved if you place a mirror near a window.


An important rule for small apartments is that furniture should not occupy more than 25% of the area. In this way, the space acquires visual lightness. Give preference to small-sized models with simple shapes, with legs and without unnecessary decoration. It is important that all furniture elements are made in the same style.

With non-standard studio sizes, an individual approach is required. Custom-made furniture according to individual parameters is the best option, as it is created specifically for the features of the room, helps to hide its flaws and emphasize its advantages.

Storage areas

Under the bed base you can store not only bedding, but also seasonal items

Clutter in an apartment can spoil any interior, regardless of the size of the space. A bed with a lifting mechanism and a linen drawer provides additional storage space for seasonal items that take up valuable space on closet shelves. Also use the walls: the space above the bed can be occupied by a group of wall shelves. A wide window sill can become a full-fledged workplace and even a dressing table. The main advantage is natural light.

Source: The Voice Mag

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