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This is where it all begins: Will Jasmine’s past resurface?  This clue says it all

This is where it all begins: Will Jasmine’s past resurface? This clue says it all

Who is really threatening the residents of the country house? That’s a question we’ve been asking ourselves for weeks! Because if Rose (Vanessa Demowey), Carla (Aaricia Lemer), Berenice (Berenice Tannenberg) and Constance (Sabine Perrault) were planning to have a quiet vacation, it was a bitter fail.

Dramatic events continue

Between Carla inviting Jasmine (Zoe Severin), Jim (Loan Beckmont), Penelope (Lawrence Fadelina) and Suleiman (Dembo Camillo) without warning, a blood-stained swimming pool, a horror that’s on fire, and now a stalker taking his time watching them, Wasn’t sure that Paul’s (Evie Marciano) house was the best choice for a peaceful stay!

But then, who is this strange-looking man who seems willing to do anything to track them down, and who even chased Jasmine in his car? We will find out soon! Spoiler alert, Nael’s mother’s past resurfaces, risking a real upheaval for the young woman…

It is in the episode broadcast on July 10 that viewers will finally learn more about the identity of the stalker. Against all odds, Jasmine decides to confront her stalker and takes Jim with her. By searching the social networks of the famous Ivy, he will find out that he is staying in a hotel a few kilometers from the villa.

Jasmine’s past resurfaces

And going there, the young woman finds a crucial clue about the one who has been on her trail for several days: a book left on the table that she just left. But not any! This is a work on Jasmine’s parents’ sect.

Therefore, we can imagine that it is the community that threatens the small group after arriving at Paul’s villa. Does she already know her stalker? Tune in every weekday from 6.30pm on TF1 to find out.

Source: Allocine

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