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Braum will be one of the fighters in 2XKO

Braum will be one of the fighters in 2XKO

The League of Legends-based fighting game will have a ‘home test’ in August

Developer Riot Games has announced that Braum, the “Heart of the Freljord”will be playable in 2XKO, his free-to-play fighting game based on the League of Legends franchise. A new trailer has been released revealing the character.

Braum will be available on “try it at home” which will start in August, for which registrations can be made at the address official site About the game.

Other confirmed fighters include Ekko, Ahri, Yasuo, Darius, and Illaoi.

2XKO is coming to PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S in 2025.

Source: Terra

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