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San Paolo is looking for specific pieces in this transfer window; see positions

San Paolo is looking for specific pieces in this transfer window; see positions

In a good phase, Tricolore is looking for a midfielder and a left back in this window

Despite the good phase that San Paolo is experiencing on the pitch, with the opening of the market that will last until August 2, the tricolor management must direct its energies to the search for players from the two sectors in which the team is most defended: one for midfielder and one for left back.

A midfielder that interests Tricolor is Thiago Mendes, 32 years old, originally from Al-Rayyan, originally from Qatar, and played for Tricolor from 2015 to 2017 before being sold to Lille-FRA.

San Paolo is looking for a player for the role after Pablo Maia’s injury, and is willing to sign the player, who still has nine months left on his contract with his current club. However, in December it is already possible that he will sign a pre-contract with another team, which is why the Tricolore board is optimistic about a positive scenario.

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Now, for the left-back, the management may be in a bit more of a hurry. That’s because the departure of the 23-year-old left-back Welington, who has accepted an offer to play for Southampton in England, could be closer.

As a result, the Sao Paulo team will have to resort to the market to compensate for the loss of its owner, who could leave Brazil even before the expiry of his contract, which will last until December.

The first option of the Tricolor is to sign Alex Sandro, 33, who was at Juventus, in Italy, and is now free on the market. The player still hopes to stay in Europe, but if he chooses to return to Brazilian football, the Tricolor would make an offer. The idea of ​​the team led by Luís Zubeldía is to sign a player who is already good enough to be a starter in the role.

Currently, the young Patryck is listed as an option in the Italian squad, but even if this piece is available to the technical committee, the board knows it needs to hire a new name.

Source: Terra

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