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Gabriel Pec celebrates Coutinho’s return to Vasco and gets reprimanded; understand

Gabriel Pec celebrates Coutinho’s return to Vasco and gets reprimanded; understand

The wife of the LA Galaxy player reveals that her ex Vasco forgot the date of the couple’s wedding, which turns four months old this Wednesday (10)

Philippe Coutinho’s return to Vasco continues to resonate on the web. This Wednesday (10), the day of the announcement, a rebuke to Gabriel Pec, former Cruz-Maltino player, went viral on the web (see video at the bottom of the article).

This is because the player’s wife, Isabella Lipatin, posted a video on her social media in which she complains about the attitude of Pec, currently at LA Galaxy, in MLS. After all, this 10th marks the fourth month since the couple’s wedding, celebrated in the United States. And, according to her, the player “forgot” the date, giving priority to celebrating Coutinho’s return.

Ex Vasco, Gabriel Pec was scolded by his wife on the internet – Photo: Matheus Lima/Vasco

According to Isabella, Gabriel Pec spent thirty minutes celebrating the news of Coutinho’s agreement with Vasco, ignoring the four-month “anniversary” of the wedding celebration.

“Today (Wednesday) we are celebrating four months of marriage. The day before I was very anxious, so I was super happy. But I didn’t tell ‘Gabe’. I said: ‘I’ll remind him, it will be the first thing he says to me that day: ‘Happy four months’. ‘We slept, we woke up… what was the first thing he said? ‘Coutinho has returned to Vasco’. He said something, it took about 30 minutes celebrating, he didn’t realize I had to make a post-it and write to him,” said the player’s wife.

Pec comments on Coutinho’s return to Vasco

In Território MLS, last Tuesday (9), the player commented on the possible return of the star, confirmed this Wednesday.

“I really like Coutinho, I think he’s a great player and if he really went to Vasco I would be very happy. Whenever I can I follow the team’s games. I’m very grateful for everything Vasco has done for me,” said La Mancia.

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