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Would You Sign? Former Google Launches AI-Powered Streaming Videos

Would You Sign? Former Google Launches AI-Powered Streaming Videos

A streaming platform for banking and consuming content powered by artificial intelligence (AI). And a studio where content creators collaborate with professional storytellers to produce third-party AI-powered videos. That’s the proposition of DreamFlare AI, a startup launched this week by former Google employee Josh Liss in partnership with documentary filmmaker Rob Bralver.

The former Google startup wants to promote the production and monetization of content created with artificial intelligence

The AI-generated videos will be made available on a subscription service, where users can also send financial support to those involved in the productions. It’s like a mix of Netflix and Patreon, for example.

In other words, it’s not just another platform with generative AI that can turn this into that. It’s a space where you can publish content made using tools like this – for example: Midjourney. And you get paid for it.

DreamFlare AI: The Ideas Behind AI Streaming

Screenshot of DreamFlare homepage, AI-powered video streaming
DreamFlare AI is like a mix of Netflix and Patreon (Image: DreamFlare)

The platform will offer two types of content:

Creators who join DreamFlare collaborate with a team of professional storytellers to develop narratives, some of which are based on public domain characters such as Little Red Riding Hood and Peter Pan. This allows them to explore creative freedom without violating copyright.

Despite public criticism of AI-based content creation, DreamFlare says it is seeking a new opportunity for creators. According to the startup, it does so without replacing existing jobs, but by expanding the ways to generate revenue.

Will the videos posted on DreamFlare plagiarize the productions made ‘in competition’?

Screenshot of AI-powered video listings on DreamFlare's AI home screen
The platform has a short leash on AI productions that do not inflict copyright (Image: DreamFlare)

DreamFlare is committed to ensuring the legality and ethics of using AI technologies, allowing creators to only use tools that follow clear legal standards, such as non-infringement of copyright.

Additionally, the platform has a rigorous review process to ensure that content meets these criteria, including a review-based removal mechanism. DMCA (American Copyright Law).

To date, the startup has attracted interest from investors like FoundersX Ventures and has partnered with executives from major entertainment companies like Disney, Netflix, and Universal Studios. Watch where it goes.

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