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Tomorrow Belongs to Us: What’s in store for Wednesday 10 July 2024 Episode 1723 [SPOILERS]

Tomorrow Belongs to Us: What’s in store for Wednesday 10 July 2024 Episode 1723 [SPOILERS]


Wednesday July 10 Tomorrow belongs to us…

Melody tells Bastien the truth

After the arrest of Igor Belinsky in the double murder of John Kovak and Clarice Belinsky, George calls Damien to inform him. After hanging up, the latter shares the news with his wife. Audrey is relieved that Melody has been released from prison. It remains to be seen if Bastien will dare to tell the truth once it comes out. Meanwhile, Melody was touched to see that Georges had come to take her away. They hug each other without saying a word.

At the police station, Martin also tells Sebastian that Igor was arrested in the morning. The police chief advises the father-in-law not to be too hard on himself. Indeed, Sebastian not only regrets losing his temper in front of Igor, but also feels guilty that he did not see anything about Clarisse’s murder. Before leaving, Sebastien congratulates Martin on a job well done.

At La Paillote, Violet finds Jordan and confides in him her concerns about Bastien. In fact, she heard that he had left the house early in the morning and had not responded to her messages since then. Jordan tries to comfort his girlfriend. When Lilu arrives to take their order, Violette asks if she has any news from Bastien. Lilu promises to let her know if that’s the case. Violet and Jordan then begin to reconsider their judgment of him.

Meanwhile, Melody and George stop by the beach to talk. She thanks him for continuing the investigation and thus proving her innocence. He then apologizes for not telling her about Bastien. Georges assures him that he will not judge him, then urges the teenager to tell the truth. But Melody believes it will do a lot for her, right after her father’s death. He fears that he has missed his chance.

Still without news from Bastien, Violet is worried to death. He goes to the police station to report his disappearance to his brother. Damien promises to take care, then advises him to go home. He calls to warn Audrey. It is right next to the spoon with the melody and it transmits the information to it.

Melody goes to the police station, where Georges and Damien start a search. Suddenly, Bastien’s phone landed in John Kovac’s garage. This is a sealed area. Police believe he forced entry to gain entry. While Georges gets there, Melody insists on accompanying him.

They actually find Bastien in the garage. When he sees Melody, the teenager becomes angry because he still believes that he is guilty of killing his father. Georges explains to him that it was a mistake and that the real culprit, Igor, has been arrested. As for Melody, she clarifies that she also has something to reveal.

So she takes Bastien aside to tell him about their meeting, as well as her romantic relationship with John when they were young. With emotion, she also reveals the reason for their separation: namely, that she was pregnant and could not take care of the child. However, Melody shows him a photo of this baby that she always kept with her before explaining that this baby is her. Bastien is shocked…

A small spoon was found

At the police station, Nordin and Lisa interrogate the culprit behind the theft of the small spoon, which was found thanks to the video surveillance images. This is an underage youth who denies the facts despite being charged with theft. He has been taken before a children’s judge. Lisa then calls Bart to let him know that his food truck has been found, but it’s no longer working.

So Bart calls a tugboat to return the little spoon to its original location. Along with Nathan and Valentine, he notices the damage: the refrigerator has been stolen, the entire electrical installation needs to be redone, and chest stickers have been put on the door.

Nathan and Valentine immediately get down to business and clean everything up. Bruno then arrives to deliver them a brand new professional fridge that Sylvain has decided to give them as a gift since he doesn’t use it. Nathan’s father is also confident in the ability to repair damaged cables. Finally, Nathan found a solution for the tag: make another underneath to create a smiley face.

Lisa and Amelie go to Germany

At the police station, in the break room, Lisa is again criticized by her colleagues for her sudden passion for the German language.

Meanwhile, at the villa, Victoire came across a registration form written in German. Amelie admits to him that she applied to a visual arts course in Berlin and that she was accepted. He adds that his sister knows. Victoire then suggests that Amelie is falling out of fear of leaving Lisa alone in Sette.

So the young woman joins her cousin at the swimming pool to encourage him to let Amelie go to Germany, even if it scares him. Lisa then tries to tell her something, but Victoire cuts her off again.

A little later, Lisa and Amelie look at real estate ads to find a two-bedroom apartment in Berlin. Indeed, Lisa was really going to go there with her sister. He says he’ll talk to Aaron and Victoire about it when he’s ready.

Source: Allocine

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