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Maiara leaves her belly on display after the radical weight loss and thinness that divides the web: ‘It’s sad to see’

Maiara leaves her belly on display after the radical weight loss and thinness that divides the web: ‘It’s sad to see’

Maraisa left a loving message for her sister after the new criticisms arrived from the web.

The body of Mayara has once again become a topic of discussion after a presentation in Santa Isabel, in the metropolitan region of São Paulo, this Tuesday (09). In the middle of the show, the singer lifted her blouse, showing off her belly.

The photos were shared by the Alfinetei page, followed by more than 23 million followers on Instagram. The profile revealed that Maiara, who have undergone a radical weight loss processshowed off a “split belly” on the show. The singer’s conditions have once again divided opinions among the followers of the profile.

“It’s sad to see the ‘standards’ that society imposes make people sick,” one profile reflected. “I’m happy that she’s happy with her new body! After all, it’s her body, it’s her life!” a fan defended herself. “If she’s happy, that’s what matters,” another user added. “Broken… or dehydrated?” mocked an Internet user. Maraisa also commented on the publication in favor of her sister. “My beautiful sister, I love you so much,” the singer declared. Check out the images in the photo gallery above.


Recently, Maiara has been the butt of jokes from her sister Maraisa, because of her thinness. It all happened during a show of the duo in São Roque, city of São Paulo, on the 14th.

Maiara went on stage wearing jeans and a sleeveless blouse, but during the show she complained a lot about the cold in the city of São Paulo. It was then that Maraisa decided to intervene and jokingly drew her sister’s attention. “Stop complaining. From the moment you…

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