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.4 Billion: This iconic and highly profitable horror saga returns with a 4th film in 2025

$2.4 Billion: This iconic and highly profitable horror saga returns with a 4th film in 2025

With $2.4 billion at the international box office, the Conjuring Cinematic Universe is the highest-grossing horror franchise, and it’s gearing up to return to theaters.

Launched by director James Wan in 2013 with the horror film Conjuring: The Warren Files, the saga now consists of 9 feature films. Spin-offs focus on demons (The Nun, Annabelle) and the main saga films. And indeed, Warner Bros has just announced the release date for Conjuring 4, which is supposed to be the final opus in the franchise.

Directed by Michael Chavez, who has already helmed The Curse of the White Lady, Conjuring 3 and The Nun 2, Remembrance: Last Rites It will be released in US theaters on September 5, 2025, with a possible release date of Wednesday September 3 in France.

What will Conjuring: The Last Rites be about?

In the horror feature, the Warren couple – still Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson – will return for one final film. We still don’t know anything about the plot, but the post-credits scene Nun 2 It was hinted that the demon Valak would also return in this film!

Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga

Warning, the rest of this article contains spoilers for The Nun 2.

The events of The Nun: The Curse of Saint Lucia take place in 1956. Chronologically speaking, the feature film is set between Annabelle 2 and Annabelle and 15 years earlier. Conjuring: The Warren Files.

In the post-credits scene of The Nun 2, Ed and Lorraine Warren receive a phone call from Father Gordon (Steve Coulter). Their daughter, Judy, answers the phone and says that her father is calling urgently, the exact nature of which has not been specified. At first glance, the viewer may think that it is simple Flashback Preparing an exorcism of the Warrens on Maurice, who was still owned by Wallack in the 70s.

However, the most observant viewers will notice that Judy is a teenager here, while the latter was still a child in 1971. This scene takes place after Morris’ exorcism in 1971. Therefore Father Gordon’s call must be about Valak’s return. Therefore, the Warrens must once again face the terrible demon disguised as a good sister for “The Last Rite”.

Vera Farmiga

Ori and Farmiga in the cast of Conjuring 4?

As such, Conjuring: The Last Rites could tie in with the spin-off films The Nun and the main saga by allowing Sister Irene, played by Taissa Farmiga, and Lorraine Warren, who plays her sister, to meet in town. Vera Farmiga. Because if these two actors were chosen as the heroes of these films, it is definitely not a coincidence.

The second part of The Nun teaches us that Sister Irene Palmer (Taisa Farmiga) is a descendant of Saint Lucia, a martyr whose eyes were gouged out and became a holy relic sought by the fallen angel Valak. A link that explains why the latter may have visions. A gift he shares with Lorraine Warren… The film also suggests that Lorraine and Irene come from the same lineage. Therefore, it is highly likely that the two actors will appear in the final film of the profitable saga.

Source: Allocine

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