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Reynolds and Jackman Tease Fans About Deadpool and Wolverine in Avengers

Reynolds and Jackman Tease Fans About Deadpool and Wolverine in Avengers

Deadpool & Wolverine hasn’t even come out yet, however, given the nature of the Marvel Multiverse storyline, many fans are already waiting for them in Avengers

Deadpool and Wolverine is very close to its premiere and, even before fans watch the new Cinematic Universe hit wonder (MCU), many are wondering: will we see the duo together again, perhaps in the next Avengers films? Although there is already a lot of evidence to say yes, actors Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) and Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) prefer to create a mystery and pique everyone’s curiosity.

In a recent interview with Variety, Reynolds and Jackman were tight-lipped about the possibility of appearing in an Avengers movie. In the interview, they were asked, “Now that Deadpool and Wolverine have joined the MCU, will any of you guys be appearing in the Avengers movies?”

“I don’t know. Yeah, we’ll see. Yeah,” Reynolds said initially. “Clearly, this is our first big interview of this press tour. I don’t know how to answer that,” Jackman added. “‘A cough sounds in the distance; a hawk circles.’ You can throw that out there if you want,” the Deadpool actor concluded, with his usual tongue-in-cheek attitude.

It’s worth noting that the MCU has struggled to achieve success in the latter stages, during the Multiverse Sagacompared to the first, during the Infinity Saga. And this should help bring together not only the original Avengers but also other popular names from the Fox adaptations, who are now part of the MCU multiverse, such as Tobey Maguire and Reynolds and the Jackmans themselves.

Wolverine & Deadpool will premiere in Brazil on July 24 (Image: Reproduction/Marvel Studios)

Furthermore: this would make perfect sense when planning the films, which should end Avengers: Secret Wars rebooting the entire MCU Multiverse, as well as the Secret Wars from the comics.

In other words, while Reynolds and Jackman themselves create a certain amount of mystery by “stirring up” the fans, it is almost certain that they will participate in at least one of the two Avengers films at the end of the season. Multiverse Saga.

Wolverine and Deadpool The premiere is scheduled in Brazil on July 24.

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