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Tonight on TV: Impossible Not to Cry at the End of This Film with Yves Montand

Tonight on TV: Impossible Not to Cry at the End of This Film with Yves Montand

Tonight on TV: Impossible Not to Cry at the End of This Film with Yves Montand

Manon des Sources: continuation and end of L’Acqua dei Colli

Manon of the Sources is a film directed by Claude Berri, released in 1986. It is the second part of a diptych, preceded by Jean de Florette. These two films are adaptations of the novels of Marcel Pagnol, set in the enchanting setting of his native Provence.

The cast of the film includes the actors from the first part, namely Yves Montand in the role of César Soubeyran, Daniel Auteuil in that of Ugolin Soubeyran and Emmanuelle Béart in the role of Manon.

The plot of the film takes place several years after the events of Jean de Florette. After the tragic death of her father Jean, Manon has grown up and lives as a hermit in the hills of Provence. She discovers that César and Ugolin Soubeyran are responsible for her father’s misfortunes and deliberately blocked a water source on their land to force Giovanni to sell his goods. Seeking revenge, Manon in turn blocks the water source that supplies the village, and plunges the inhabitants into desolation.

Manon of the Sources It was the second biggest hit of 1986, behind Jean de Florette.

A heartbreaking final scene with Yves Montand

As in another cult film adapted by Marcel Pagnol, the final scene Manon of the Sources It’s particularly heartbreaking.

After Manon reveals to the teacher her role in drying up the spring, they work together to unblock it, thus restoring the village’s water supply. Manon and the teacher marry a few weeks later and are expecting a child. During this time, the Pope leads a solitary lifepunctuated by visits to the grave of his nephew, Ugolin, who could not bear the weight of guilt.

The turning point of the story comes with the return to the village of Delphine, an old blind friend of Papet. While they discuss sitting on a benchDelphine criticizes him for not having responded to a very important letter decades earlier. This letter, written by Florette, Jean’s mother and Manon’s grandmother, had been lost. Florette, pregnant with Papet, begs him in this letter to promise her, by return mail, to take care of her and marry her upon his return from military service in North Africa.

Papet, unaware of the existence of this letter, swears to Delphine that he never received it. Moved by Delphine’s revelations, he learns that Florette, without a response from him, had accepted the offer of marriage from a blacksmith to avoid the shame of being an unmarried mother. She gave birth to a hunchbacked childJean, less than five months after Papet’s departure.

Mortified by this revelation, the Pope realizes that he has caused the death of his own son and that he has separated from his niece Manon. Consumed by remorse and feeling that his end is near, he asks the priest to confess. He then writes a letter to Manon, explaining the whole story to him and leaving him all his possessions as an inheritanceincluding land, houses, and gold. He died the following night in his ceremonial costume, clutching Florette’s maiden comb, an object that had never left his side.

Source: Cine Serie

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