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After the failure of Kevin Costner’s latest western, bad news for the sequel to Horizon

After the failure of Kevin Costner’s latest western, bad news for the sequel to Horizon

After the failure of Kevin Costner’s latest western, bad news for the sequel to Horizon

Horizon, a flop for Kevin Cotner’s American saga

Will Kevin Costner’s ambition get the better of him? Back in front of and behind the camera with Horizon: An American Sagathe director has a great fresco to tell a part of the History of America. After having contributed 50 million dollars of his own pocket, to reach a total budget of 100 million dollarsthe director has directed not one, but two feature films. Chapter 1 was released, after a presentation at the Cannes Film Festival last May. Unfortunately, success did not come. In the United States, the first data were disastrous. And the consequences are direct on the second work.

Originally scheduled for September 11 in France, Horizon: An American Saga – Chapter 2 would have seen its release in the United States will be postponed on a date yet to be defined. This is what was announced Expirationwhich reminds us that the feature film was meant to arrive in US theaters on August 16. But Warner Bros. has reportedly decided to reconsider its plans and we can imagine that the studio will ultimately prefer a release on its Max platform. American media have specified that the plan could be for a simultaneous release in theaters and on the streaming service. A strategy currently being evaluated.

A postponement of the sequel to save the furniture

On behalf of Territory Pictures and New Line Cinema, we explain (through a press release) this postponement of the film with the desire to leave more time to the public to discover the first part. This coming soon on Max and PVOD from July 16th In the US. This should help create more enthusiasm for Horizon 2. At least that’s what they say officially, although it seems more like a way to save the furniture.

We welcome the opportunity to expand this release window, as we know it will only serve to enhance the visual experience of Horizon 2.

Second Expirationthe other element to take into consideration is that Kevin Costner’s audience would be that of series Yellowstonea real success for Paramount since 2018. An audience that “stays at home” and would therefore be more interested in Horizon see it in his living room. However, the failure of the film is significant and we can seriously begin to doubt the future. Because if the chapter 2 It’s finished and ready for release, remember Kevin Costner started it shoot a third filmand planned to make a fourth. We don’t see how the studio could validate these next projects after seeing the numbersHorizon.

Nothing has been specified about these other two films at the moment. And as for the release ofHorizon 2in France there has not yet been any announcement of a postponement, but it could happen very soon. After a week of release, the film has only accumulated 121,617 registrations.

Source: Cine Serie

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