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A little something extra: Another surprise success behind the Artus film?  The song Clic Clic Pan Pan has become intergenerational!

A little something extra: Another surprise success behind the Artus film? The song Clic Clic Pan Pan has become intergenerational!

If you’ve seen Un P’tit truc en plus (and even if you haven’t), you can’t miss this song! yance kick, Press the Pan Pan buttonImmediately remains in the leader.

This song was originally released in 2022, already enjoying great success at the time of its release. Press the Pan Pan button According to the singer’s guest on France 2 a few weeks ago, it has accumulated more than 140 million listens.

A new life for a song that was already a big hit

Artus’ film gave new life to the title. The streams jumped. in the interview BFMTVYancey explains that he was immediately intrigued by the idea that his song was chosen for the film, whose values ​​he shares.

It is the title image that makes everyone smile, puts them in a good mood and makes everyone happy. It is intergenerational. And the movie they made is exactly right for it.

When we dig into the story behind Artus’ song of choice, it’s even more disturbing: “I wanted to sing something quite simple“- explains the actor-director in the columns of Le Parisien.

When I did the casting, I saw a very severely disabled young man who spoke with his eyes and was completely seated in a chair. Click on Pan Pan. I told him: “It will be difficult to play you, but I bet Click on Pan Pan So you will be with us“, he continues.

guest of the show On Quelle Epoque France 2Singer Jans commented on the success of the film, which was then the first million: “It speaks to me because deep France is much more attentive than big cities like Paris, Lyon… It’s a film that speaks to rural people like me. I come from the provinces, from a village near Metz. The real audience comes from deep France and the provinces.

It is a very beautiful film that conveys a very beautiful message.“, he emphasizes.

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During the Cannes Film Festival, AlloCiné accompanied the film crew before and after climbing the stage. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the above report.

In addition, Little Things is a sunny and touching comedy with actors with disabilities. Almost 30 years after Le Huitième jour, a film starring Daniel Auteuil and Pascal Duquesne that deeply impressed and touched the public of the time, Un p’tit truc en plus continues this path, finding a balance between humor, emotion and above. All the great good that can awaken the conscience.

The movie is still in theaters.

Source: Allocine

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