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“I laughed so hard”: Bill Murray loves this scene with Roberto Benigni!

“I laughed so hard”: Bill Murray loves this scene with Roberto Benigni!

A big name in American comedy, Bill Murray is also a movie buff. A few years ago, the actor revealed his favorite movie scene on AlloCiné, and it is set in a work that is, to say the least, little known: the Italian comedy Johnny Stechino, which was released in cinemas in 1992.

Johnny Stechino It tells the story of Dante, played by Robert Benigny, a bus driver who transported disabled people. After meeting Maria, whom he secretly loved, he discovers that the latter is the wife of the last escaped famous mobster, Johnny Stechino, who is… his double!

In Johnny Stechinowho sees Roberto Benini Slipping greedily into the shoes of the two characters, bananas play an important role, an obsession of Dante’s, who has a nasty habit of stealing them. And it’s exactly the banana-filled scene (found in our player above) that I really enjoyed Bill Murray.

“I almost fell down laughing, I thought the cinema manager would come”

“In Johnny Stechinois a scene that unfolds in a theater”tell him Bill MurrayWhich has the funny distinction of having played the same role as Jean-Paul Belmondo five years apart.

“It’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen, I laughed so hard, I was laughing in the middle of the cinema, it was a bit awkward… The theater was half empty, but I almost collapsed laughing, I thought. The manager was going to come.”

“I don’t know why, I really liked it, it’s really funny”continues the actor. “I started laughing… I kept thinking, who did this?” who filmed this “It’s really great, I recommend it.”

“Johnny Stechino” trailer:

Source: Allocine

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