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Disney: 10 details that make the movies even more fun

Take a look at 10 little hilarious touches, jokes or more or less hidden jokes that make Disney and Pixar animated feature films even more fun.

The buck tries to swallow a rock, a human resource service, shorts in the colors of the Incredibles or even a llama-shaped cactus … from Cuzco, the Emperor of Megalomania to Zootopia, via Vayana and Ratatouille, again in the animated film. Movies from Disney and Pixar studios and the little details that make them even more fun.

Red and black boxing shorts

In Ratatouille, When a linguine is looking for a place where Remy can hide to take with him to the kitchen, the underwear option is briefly considered. Opportunity to see that the young clerk of Chez Gusto, a fan of undoubted superheroes, wears underwear in shades … The Incredibles.

Genius imitations

A true comic genius, Aladdin’s Big Blue is undoubtedly one of the funniest characters in the history of Disney Studios. Thanks to special improvisations recorded by Robin Williams, he makes one joke on average per second.

Among these countless plans, the most observant will enjoy finding all the imitations of the personalities proposed by the genius: Above, you will undoubtedly recognize Arnold Schwarzenegger. But the film also hides Robert De Niro, Jack Nicholson, Peter Lore or even Grucho Marx.

“Achilles Heel!”

At the beginning of the Notre Dame Cathedral, Captain Phoebus, who has returned to Paris, asks his horse Achilles to put his cousin on a slightly brazen guard. In the original version of the film, he then begins: “Achilles, heels!” (“Achilles Heel!”). A clever little reference to the famous Achilles heel of Greek mythology, which unfortunately could not be reproduced in the French version.


As long as you stay frozen until the last second of the subtitles, you can read a funny little message written with reference to one of Christoph’s lines in the film:

“The views expressed by Christoph in the film that every man eats his booger are a mission and do not reflect the views of the Walt Disney Company or the directors.”


აწყIn the beginning Cuzco, Megalo EmperorIn order not to swallow the medicine that turns people into llamas, the evil Izma diligently pours the contents of the cup on the cactus next to it. At the beginning of the scene, when the plant looks completely normal, it suddenly takes the shape of a llama, like a few seconds after Cuzco.

Inhuman resources

At Monstres & Cie, when an employee has a question about his or her salary or is trying to reimburse professional expenses, he or she should contact “non-human resources” (and not human), as evidenced by a sign posted on this door. . It is completely logical in a world inhabited by monsters …

Mini Ladies

The world of cars, inhabited only by cars, will not surprise us if we note that instead of insects, which are traditionally attracted to neon lights, buzzing with small … ladybugs. An obvious reference to the famous Volkswagen car that has already been appreciated by Disney studios Un amour de Coccinelle, La Coccinelle à Mexico or La Coccinelle à Monte-Carlo.


ZootopiaThe 55th animated classic was released a few years after Disney Studios Ice queen, Contains many signs towards her famous big sister. One of the funniest things to happen is when a young rabbit, Jedi Hops, asks the head of the Bogo office to be a “real cop”. Then his head responds to Elsa’s famous song: “Life is not a musical where you feel liberated …”

A little joke that came out even better in the original version of the movie, where Bogo tried to restrain the rabbit by saying, “Run!” (I.e. the original title “Released, Delivered”).

Pirate DVDs

Always inside Zootopia, When Jedi Hops and Nick Wilde talk to Needle near the end of the movie, the latter is busy selling the DVDs of the cartoon illegally. On the jackets of these films, everyone recognizes the abducted (and animal) versions of previous Disney feature films. Thus, Big Hero 6 (New Heroes) became Pig Hero 6, Tangled (Rapunzel) became Wrangled, and Wreck-it Ralph (Wreck-It Ralph) became Wreck-it Rhino.

Buck and rock

“I wonder about this chicken that eats stones, there,” the village elder wonders at the beginning. MoanaObserves the swallowing of a hey hey stone. The Stupid Bird will repeat his futile attempt a little later in the film when he tries to cut off a demon Maui finger performed by Dwayne Johnson. After trying to eat pebbles (English for “rock”), hey hey hey try to eat … rock.

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