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Superheroes Quiz: Beyond Marvel and DC, do you really know anything about that?

The Italian film Freaks Out presents the superpowers of 4 “monsters”. Do you like super heroes? But do you know yourself as a non-American hero? Test yourself!

The superhero movie Freaks Out was released in theaters last Wednesday. It is directed by Italian filmmaker Gabriele Maynette, who we already owe to the famous Jeeg Robot, who has won several awards, including seven David di Donatello (Italian Caesars).

Freaks Out takes place in Rome in 1943, under Nazi occupation. The Eternal City welcomes the circus where Matilde, Sensio, Fulvio and Mario work as tricks. Israel, the owner of the circus and the figure of the father of this small family, tries to arrange their escape to America, but he disappears. Deprived of home and protection, in a society where they no longer have a place, four “tricks” will try to survive in the conditions of war …

Franz Rogowski, Claudio Santamaria (already in the cast of the director’s previous film), Pietro Castellito and Aurora Giovinazzo star in this ambitious film, which combines several references: from the X-Men saga to the world of Guillermo del Toro. Albert DuPontelli.

Between war movies, social drama and Marvel-style superhero forces, Freaks Out offers a European counter-offer to US blockbusters.

In this case, here is a quiz about non-American superheroes. We offer the tempo of the movies, finding the title is up to you.

Co-written by filmmaker and Nicolas Guallanone, Freaks Out emerged as a challenge: follow the adventures, the age-old story, reflecting on diversity, against the backdrop of one of the darkest periods of the 20th century. .

Gabriele Mainett explains in the film’s press kit: “We approached occupied Rome in 1943 with emotion and respect, but also with unlimited imagination. Thus were born four monsters. They are unique individuals who live in a history that transcends them.

The duo, who had previously collaborated on Jeeg Robot, wanted to find out the story they were both passionate about. Nicolas Gualonian wanted to make a film about monsters because he is obsessed with this topic. He has already developed this theme in Edoardo de Angelis’s film Indivisibili. For his part, Gabriel Mainetti wanted to make a film about the war.

He clarifies: “At one point we had seven different possible stories. We would specify each story before Nicholas told me, “I found it! We are going to give the superpowers monsters during World War II.” It was then that I started actually presenting the film for the first time and that is where we developed our characters“.

Source: allocine

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