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Exclusive for Prime Video: Captain Kirk in a tense action thriller

Jay Abrams’s stellar road star Chris Pryin is starring in the movie “Contractor”, a thriller that will be released on April 4 on Prime Video. He plays a former Marine who participates in a mission that will not go as planned.

Რ About?

After his release from the Marines, James Harper joins a paramilitary organization to support his family. He travels to Germany with an elite team to investigate a secret threat. But Harper soon finds himself alone and hunting. He will have to fight to stay alive for a long time to find out the reasons for their betrayals.

Convincing Chris Pine in an effective thriller

Directed by Tariq Saleh (very good Le Caire Confidential), the contractor still reunites Chris Payne and Ben Foster after a brilliant comeback from David Mackenzie. At the head of such a trio, a film that goes live in France, Prime Video has something exciting.

So he tells how a soldier dedicated to his job is released from the Marines for consuming prohibited substances to alleviate the pain associated with war trauma. Now without a pension and social security, James (Pine) still has to pay his debts and support his family.

ᲒDecision? Join his friend Mike (Foster) in a paramilitary organization led by another veteran, played by Kiefer Sutherland. The duo then take part in a secret mission in Berlin that will be ruined. Thus, it is not surprising that we found that the mission was not what it seemed at first.

Ben Foster in Contractor.

Classic, both in its form and in its twists, the contractor has to appeal to fans of action thrillers worn by a protagonist who turns out to be alone against everyone. Ranging from impending betrayal to his hunt by his former allies, through his investigation to find out what went into it: The recipe follows the letter!

A film with a social message about the difficulties of returning to the US Army, often after traumatic service, once again shows that Chris Payne is a solid actor who gives a great dose of humanity to his character. His alchemy is still a pleasure to watch with intact Ben Foster.

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